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Okun Fieldhouse Youth Volleyball Conflict Form

  1. This request is due by the final registration deadline to be taken into consideration. If you are unable to field a team for any scheduled game a forfeit may be the only option. Your game guarantee includes all forfeits. Please review the Conflict Reporting webpage for detailed information regarding days of play and season length.
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  3. Bye Requests - Your team may list ONE conflict date per season. Teams registered for the Winter may enter ONE confilct date for Session 1 and ONE conflict date for Session 2. The requested date will be omitted from your schedule. Please do not list time requests. If you are coaching more than one team, we suggest you recruit assistant coaches in the event your games overlap.
  4. You may list 1 date here.
  5. Session 1 - You may list 1 date here.
  6. Session 2 - You may list 1 date here.
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