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Vaccination Status - The Full Monty

  1. We only ask your name to validate that we have heard from everyone.

  2. Vaccination Status

    As we move into tech and performances, we are discussing our COVID mitigation efforts to promote safety for everyone involved in The Full Monty.  The audience will be at least 6 ft from the stage space, the air handling system in the theatre has HEPA filters, and we will do routine fogging of the theatre.  However, to help us make further decisions, we would like to ask you your vaccination status.  Please answer the question below.

  3. Are you (or will you be by Sunday September 26, 2021) fully vaccinated?

    Fully vaccinated is defined as having received both doses of the of COVID-19 vaccine immunization shots (or one dose if you received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine) two or more weeks ago from September 26, 2021.

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