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Theatre In The Park - Musician Interest Submission

  1. Thank you for your interest in being a musician with Theatre In The Park!
    We are thrilled that you are interested in being a musician with Theatre In The Park. We just need a little information from you, and once submitted, we will forward on to our Music Directors and conductors! Please remember, not all instruments are required for all shows. Some shows require full orchestras while others require smaller bands and combos.
  2. Some Stuff To Know...
    Our outdoor shows perform for 2 weekends during the summer months beginning usually the first weekend in June. Orchestra members are required at all tech rehearsals Monday - Thursday the week of opening, and then, of course, every performance. Our performance schedule is Friday, Saturday, Sunday the first week, and then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the second week. Often times, orchestra members play for multiple productions throughout the summer. We'd love it if your are able and willing! Thanks again for reaching out. We will be in touch!
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