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TAC Task Force Interest

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  2. TAC Task Force Interest Survey

    Please take a moment to read through the Task force descriptions discussed at the January 2021 TAC meeting and submit your first choice and your alternate.
  3. Development

    -Shares needs and creates fundraising goals for Theatre in the Park in conjunction with the Theatre in the Park staff and JCPRD.
    -Coordinate Smaller fundraising efforts (i.e. Plans/organizes/runs smaller fundraising events, Program ads and season sponsors, Organize the benefits for donating, etc...)
    -Point of contact for who the TAC contacts in coordination with the JCPRD Development Director Erica Seward
    - Explore previous companies/organizations that have been a part of Theatre in the Park in the past and ask them to be a part of the future
  4. Major Fundraising

    - Focus on large dollar fundraising focused on funding the master plan
    - Explore and coordinate Honorary Committee Members in conjunction with the Theatre in the Park staff and JCPRD. (i.e. Honorary Committee Members will increase visibility for Theatre in the Park fundraising efforts through name recognition and connections.)
    - Coordinate with JCPRD and TIP staff to develop levels of giving and appropriate recognition and/or naming opportunities associated with specific levels of contribution.
    - Maintain records of asks and the result of those asks as a central communication point for TAC members to check before making an ask
  5. Marketing/Communication

    - Reach out to marketing and/or advertising companies/organizations that could work with us pro-bono to create a “leave behind” that tells the story of where Theatre in the Park has been and where Theatre in the Park is going.
    - Work with other Task force groups to help communicate and promote their work
  6. Volunteer Support

    -Volunteer recruitment for indoor and outdoor theatre as well as potential fundraising events
    -Volunteer training to empower volunteers and help them feel connected to Theatre in the Park
    SUB-COMMITTEE: Teen Volunteers
    - Promote Leadership among an eager group of volunteers
    - Encourage families to volunteer or be involved
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