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Culture After Dark Musician Agreement Short Sets

  1. Culture-After-Dark-Small-Art
    Thank you for agreeing to be a part of the Culture After Dark evening at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center.

    Please provide the following information.
    Your group may arrive anytime after 5pm on the day of your performance, and must be ready to play beginning at 6pm.

    We ask that you are prepared to play for 1 sets as follows: Set #1 - 6pm - 7:15pm

    You must provide your own PA system including all cables and extension cords.

    We will provide electrical outlets and one 6' table for you to sell merchandise. You will not be required to provide a percentage of your merchandise sales to the AHC. 100% of your sales are yours to keep.

    We will also provide marketing for the entire month leading up to your appearance at the Arts and Heritage Center.

    Please sign and print the W9 form provided at the link below and deliver to Elena Stephenson at the Arts and Heritage Center (8788 Metcalf Avenue, OPKS 66212) at least 4 weeks prior to your performance date.

    Your group will be paid a $100 stipend for performing, and we will provide a check on the evening of the performance provided your completed W9 form is received two weeks prior to your performance date. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to the address provided above within two weeks of the receipt of a completed W9.
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