What do the camps do if they experience inclement weather?

Severe weather- including extreme heat, lightning, thunderstorms, tornado, and horizontal rain with strong winds- warrants changes in camp activities and location. In the event of severe weather campers will be transported by bus to indoor facilities. The location of each camp’s Inclement Weather Site is detailed at the parent orientation, and in communications from program staff. Morning Plan 7:00-9:00 am-In case of severe weather, the camps will transport children to the rain site at 9:00 A.M. The children will remain under the shelter or in the bus for their protection and safety until this time. Parents will need to drop their children off at their camp site. Directors will update and confirm time of departure and location of campers on the camp’s mobile phone. The bus will leave the camp site at 9:00 am sharp; parents will be instructed to call mobile phones for the camp location if dropping a camper off after 9:00 am.
Afternoon Plan - Camps will return by 4:00 PM on heat days for pick up. For severe weather (heavy lightening, thunderstorms, tornado, and horizontal rain with strong winds) the camp may stay at the rain site. All parents are instructed to call the camp’s mobile phone to confirm the location of campers. All directors will update mobile phones and program specialist with the schedule and location of camp.
Communicating Changes- Programs will communicate changes to the schedule, due to weather, through postings at the site, on the camp cell-phone message, and through Twitter. Parents may contact the program cell-phone, as well as follow outdoor camps on Twitter to find changes to the camp and weather plans. @JCPRDescapades @JCPRDxroads

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1. What do the camps do if they experience inclement weather?
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