Section 3.1.3 - Enforcement, Violations and Penalties.
  • (a) From and after the effective  date  of this Code,  no person shall violate  any of the  provisions of this Code, or fail to comply with any of its  requirements, including, but  not  limited to, any condition or term  established  in  connection  with  granted  permits  or  use  of  District  property,  and  any  act, conduct,or  use  that  fails  to  comply  with  the  provisions  of  this  Code  and  any  rules  or  standards adopted as a part of the Code,  shall be  and hereby is declared to be  unlawful as a violation of this Code. 
  • (b) The failure of any person to comply with, or the violation of any provision, requirement, standard,or condition  contained  within  or  as  a  part  of  this  Code,  shall  be  a  public  offense  punishable,  upon conviction,  by  a  fine  in  an  amount  determined  according  to  the  Fine  Schedule  which  is  attached hereto as Appendix A and incorporated herein by reference.
  • (c) Multiple or repeated violations shall be  deemed a violation of the next most serious violation class and shall be subject to a higher fine amount, as provided in the attached Fine Schedule.
  • (d) The  Chief  Counsel  of  JohnsonCounty,  Kansas,  or  such  person’s designee, shall  have  the  duty  of prosecuting all actionsfor the enforcement of this Code.(e)The  provisionsfor  enforcement  of  the  Code  shall  be  cumulative  and  in  addition to  all  other procedures provided by law for the enforcement of this Code.

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