Section 2.5.9 - Impounding Vessels.

Any  watercraft  or  other  property  of  value  (hereinafter  collectively  referred  to  in  this  Section  as “Personal Property”) found abandoned, adrift orleft unattended in District Facility waters may be taken by  the  District  and  the  District  shall  have  a  lien  thereon  for  all  expenses  of  taking,  towing,  keeping, advertising,and selling of the same and for all damage caused by such Personal Property to property of the District.  The District may enforce such lien by advertisement and sale of such Personal Property in like  manner  as  chattel  mortgages  and  said  mortgages  may  be foreclosed  under  the  law  of  this  State annually,  or  at  such  other  periods  as  the  District  may  select.   A  public  sale  shall  be  held  to dispose  of such Personal Property.  Nothing herein shall be construed as exonerating the owner or operator of any such  Personal  Property  from  personal  liability  to  the  District  or  any  other person,  for  any  damages  or injury caused by the Personal Property. 

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