Section 2.2.8 - Amplified Sound.

Only  those  persons  who  hold  valid  District  Amplified  Sound  Permits,  Special  Use  Permits,or  Special Event  contracts  andwho  are  acting  in  conformity  with  the  termsand  conditions  of  such  permits  or contractsshall  be  allowed  to  set  up  or  use  amplified  sound  equipment  within  the  boundaries  of  any District  Facility;  provided,  however,  that  the  set  up  or  use  of  amplified  sound  equipment  shall  be prohibited  within  the  boundaries  of  Antioch  Park,  Thomas  S.  Stoll  Memorial Park,  Ernie  Miller  Nature Parkand  the  Streamway  Parks  System  except  as  may  be  necessary  for  conducting  official  District business.  Amplified live music requires a Special Eventcontract to be approved by the District Board.  

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