Section 1.1.4 - Scope

This  Code  shall be  applicable  to  all  Johnson  County,  Kansas,  Park  and  Recreation  District  lands  and facilities (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Facilities”) that are under the jurisdiction of the Johnson County, Kansas, Park and Recreation District (hereinafter “District”) and to all persons who enter upon such Facilities.  The Facilities shall include the following: 

Antioch ParkMill Creek Activity
Big Bull Creek Park SiteNew Century Fieldhouse
Cedar Niles Park SiteRieke Lake Park Site
Ernie Miller Nature CenterRoeland Park Dome and Aquatics Center
Heritage ParkShawnee Mission Park
Streamway Parks SystemSunflower Nature Park
Kill Creek ParkTimberRidge Adventure Center
Mid-America Sports ComplexThomas S. Stoll Memorial Park
Mid-America West Sports ComplexTomahawk Hills Golf Course
Mildale Farm

  • (a)This  Code  shall  also  be  applicableto  all  Facilitiesacquired  by  the  Johnson  County  Park  and Recreation District after the date of publication of thisCode and, further, the Facilities need notbe named within theCode in order for theCode to be enforceable in the Facilities.

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