Drop off and pick up times?

Our Before School Program opens at 7am and our After School Program closes at 6pm.  No early drop-offs and there is a $1.00 per minute late fee charged for late pick-ups past 6pm.

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1. Where is the OST Program Located?
2. How are fees charged?
3. Do we pay fees regardless of attendance?
4. How do we enroll in the OST Program?
5. How do I set up my fee payments and how often do I pay fees?
6. Drop off and pick up times?
7. Can my child attend the program part time?
8. What if I need to drop or change my program options?
9. Are there extra charges for early dismissal or conference days?
10. Will my child do homework during the OST program?
11. What is a typical OST day like?
12. What days are you closed during the school year?
13. Are staff background checked?
14. Can my child attend the program every other week?
15. What is your Tax ID number?