Are the Pre-K children required to nap?

we do have a few mats for children who may be tired at the beginning of the
school year or for children to rest on when they are not feeling well.

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1. How can I enroll if I do not know what session of Pre-K my child will be attending?
2. Explain how I set up my Pre-K Enrichment fees.
3. May I provide you a copy of my child’s school physical and immunizations?
4. Does my Pre-K child eat lunch at school?
5. Are the Pre-K children required to nap?
6. What type of activities will my Pre-K child be doing in the JCPRD Pre-K Enrichment Program?
7. Does JCPRD Provide Pre-K Enrichment during Winter/Spring Break, school conference/in-service days and snow days?
8. Where to I drop-off/pick-up my child?
9. Will my child have to wear a mask?
10. My child drinks a lot of water throughout hte day. Can I send a water bottle?
11. My child will be attending After School, will they be mixed with the older children?
12. How will I know what my child is doing while at JCPRD?
13. Does JCPRD provide snacks?