Who is inside the Arts & Heritage Center?

The Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center (JCAHC) is owned by Johnson County Government but is managed Johnson County Park & Recreation District's Culture Division (JCPRD). Within the JCPRD Culture Division are multiple entities including the Johnson County Museum, Theatre in the Park INDOORS, fine and performing arts programming, and a facility rental spaces.

Along with JCPRD's Culture Division, the JCAHC is the home location for Johnson County Developmental Supports' Emerging Artists Program, and the Arts Council of Johnson County. There are also multiple spaces and rooms within the JCAHC that are available for rent by community members and groups for special events and meetings. These spaces are also used for County events, such as advance voting, which is how many community members are familiar with the building! 

Johnson County Park & Recreation District - Culture Division
JCPRD Culture Division Contact List
Phone: 913-726-2787 

Johnson County Developmental Supports Emerging Artists Program
Learn more here.
Phone: 913-826-2226

The Arts Council of Johnson County
Learn more here.
Phone: 913-894-2720

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