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Feb 28

Three clinics and youth league deadlines scheduled for March

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 10:09 AM by Becky Burnside

Whether you’re a young player wanting to improve your game, a parent wanting to get your kids into a spring league, or an adult wanting to break into youth coaching, March has a JCPRD softball program for you.

March offerings include a new Softball IQ Clinic for girls ages 12U to 14U, a Pitching & Catching Clinic for ages 9U to 12U, a Fastpitch Coaching Clinic for ages 18 and older, and March deadlines for Youth Softball Spring Leagues for ages 5U to 14U. 

All of these programs will take place at the Mid-America West Sports Complex (MAWSC) and / or its Okun Fieldhouse, both located at 20200 Johnson Drive. Shawnee. All three clinics will be instructed by “Coach Jay” Bredwell.

These clinics are open to the public.  Players and coaches do not need to be registered to play JCPRD leagues to take advantage of these programs.  

Now back for a second year, the Fastpitch Coaching Clinic will take place beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Okun Fieldhouse on Tuesday, March 19. The cost for one 90-minute sessions is $30 per person.

“This course will provide an overview of “best practices” for managing all aspect of a team,” said Youth Sports Coordinator Stephanie Chase. “Coach Jay, who is an experienced fastpitch coach and umpire, will assist new and seasoned coaches to step up their coaching techniques to reach a higher level of effectiveness at practice and performance at games. We hope that coaches feel confident and ready when the league season begins, this course will help.”

The clinic will include an overview of USSSA rules, strategies for developing impactful practice plans, and detailed instructions on running drills and how to implement positional training.

The new Softball IQ 101 Clinic will take place beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, also in the Okun Fieldhouse.  The cost for one 90-minute sessions is $30 per person for Johnson County residents or $32 per person for nonresidents.

As youth sports get more and more specialized and competitive, this clinic aims to help girls with at least one year of softball experience increase their skills and strategic thinking.

“This is the perfect course for a player who would like to mentally up her game and who wants to build an arsenal of options and best alternatives for different game-action situations,” Chase said. “We hope that players walk away with a better understanding of how to engage mentally while on offense and defense. The goal is that players learn something new that they can then apply during the upcoming season.”

During this clinic, Coach Bredwell will share years of collected college game-time video footage for analysis and discussion. Situational defenses, offenses, and base-running will be critiqued to expose players to how to utilize critical thinking while on the field.  A thorough review of applicable rules will be included.  

“This is a great classroom opportunity for players interested in playing softball through middle school and high school,” Chase said. “Players tend to practice performance nearly 100 percent of the time. Reviewing film and discussing strategy is very beneficial but not often prioritized. This course will ask players to debrief more than the typical post-game discussion.”

Also new this season is the Pitching & Catching Clinic, which will take place beginning at 6:30 at the league fields at MAWSC on four consecutive nights beginning Tuesday, March 26. The cost for four 90-minute sessions is $60 per person for Johnson County residents or $66 per person for nonresidents.

This clinic is meant to help players make the transition from coach-pitch leagues to kid-pitch, and become strong pitchers and/or catchers.  

“The Pitching & Catching Clinic for 9U-12U players will provide a venue for both new and practiced pitchers and catchers to either begin learning fundamentals or fine-tune developing skills,” Chase said. “Techniques and strategies are difficult to perfect and it takes quite a bit of practice to become an effective and consistent fastpitch pitcher.  Catching also requires a specific set of skills that can only advance through specialized training and practice.  It is crucial for players to receive individualized instruction for pitching and catching, this clinic will provide time for just that.”

For players who have been designated as pitchers/catchers, this clinic will offer instruction and coaching specific to positional roles when on defense.  The mechanics of each position will be practiced along with play-reaction and strategic decision making.  Younger players, who are looking for a first introduction to pitching and/or catching, will be taught basic fundamentals, correct mechanics, and explore the leadership roles associated with these positions. 

Youth fastpitch leagues at Mid-America West include: T-ball; 6U Coach Pitch; 7U, and 8U Coach Pitch; 9U Kid/Coach Pitch; 10U Kid/Coach Pitch; 10U Kid Pitch; 11U Regulation Fastpitch; 11U-12U Tourney Team Division; 13U-14U Tourney Team Division; and 14U, 16U, and 18U High School leagues.  These programs are designed for team registrations. Prices, days of play, and game counts vary by division.  The deadline to register a team for t-ball through the 14U tourney team division is March 17.  The deadline to register for high school divisions is May 12.

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