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Dec 29

Meadowbrook Park’s new northeast corner developments substantially complete

Posted on December 29, 2022 at 2:29 PM by Becky Burnside

By David Markham

Update: The new inclusive playground and the rest of Phase 2 developments at Meadowbrook Park are now open for public use!

Depending on weather, JCPRD officials anticipate the new inclusive playground and the rest of Phase 2 developments at Meadowbrook Park will open for public use on Dec. 19.

“The entire site is substantially complete,” said Project Manager Jim Wilson. “This includes the shelter, restroom, playground, and parking area. The picnic tables are built and are stored at the park’s maintenance facility. The site is still fenced for establishment of the sod. Hopefully we will get some warmer weather before the long period of low temperatures arrive in January.”

Wilson anticipates an initial “soft opening” for the new development so families can start enjoying the new playground on temperate days, to be followed by an official ribbon cutting in the spring, probably in March or April. 

Work started in November 2021 on Meadowbrook Park’s Phase 2, which is concentrated in the park’s northeast corner near the park entrance at Roe Avenue and Meadowbrook Parkway. The centerpiece of this development is JCPRD’s third inclusive playground.  Inclusive playgrounds are designed to enable children of all abilities to play together without barriers. JCPRD’s two popular existing inclusive playgrounds opened in 2018 in Stilwell Community Park and in 2019 in Shawnee Mission Park. New shelter by the inclusive playground at Meadowbrook Park

“The project adds a third type of playground to Meadowbrook Park,” Wilson noted. “The park now has an adventure playground, a sensory playground, and an inclusive playground.” 

While the new playground is approximately the same size as JCPRD’s other inclusive playgrounds, it features a unique swing for wheelchair users, and includes more built-in shade canopies than typical playgrounds. Seating within the playground space has also been provided so kids and parents who want to take a break or enjoy a snack have a comfortable place to do so and still be nearby.