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Sep 30

Public participation sought at four engagement events during October special events

Posted on September 30, 2022 at 11:53 AM by Becky Burnside

By David Markham

If you’re out and about in October at some of JCPRD’s popular special events, we’d appreciate it if you’d stop by briefly and give us some input for our strategic plan update.

“Please come out and talk with us, you’re an integral part of the process,” said Planning and Development Manager Georgia Sizemore. 

An initial Public Engagement Event for this purpose took place on Sept. 14 at the annual Live Well Age Well event. Four more engagement events are planned in conjunction with upcoming special events.  These will include: 

During these events, consultants with the management consulting firm BerryDunn, as well as JCPRD Planning and Development staff, will be seeking input through activities including: asking participants to list ideas on sticky notes to capture ideas, dot voting, faux money to allocate through labeled boxes, and other engaging activities. This input will help planners understand where JCPRD might focus its future efforts. 

Sizemore said the goal of the public input aspects of these events is “to make sure we’re hearing from the public who are accessing our different programs and facilities - as we work to plan for the future of JCPRD. We want to hear from the public any big ideas they’re interested in, how they might prioritize the many efforts/offerings of JCPRD, what some of the barriers to attending programs are, etc.”

In August, JCPRD kicked off an eight-month process to update its strategic plan, with a goal of presenting the proposed new plan during an annual joint meeting of the Johnson County Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners and the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners in April.

Sizemore said other upcoming activities relating to the strategic plan update will include touring consultants around JCPRD parks and facilities, kicking off an advisory committee in mid-October, working with ETC Institute to prepare a statistically significant county-wide survey, and a planned preliminary analysis and progress report during the JCPRD board’s regular meeting on Jan. 18.