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Aug 27

A field of the colorful state flower again planted in southeast corner of park

Posted on August 27, 2020 at 3:29 PM by Becky Burnside

If everything goes right, JCPRD park officials are hopeful a sunflower field planted in the southeastern corner of Heritage Park will be blooming by late September.

The eight-acre field of the state flower was first planted in 2018 at the suggestion of a member of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners, and was well-received by the public, who especially liked using the bright flowers as a photo background. 

“It was real popular,” Superintendent of Parks and Golf Courses Bill Maasen said. “People love taking photos in sunflowers. It was just a phenomenon.”

“They were gorgeous and we were packed with people,” added Southeast Region Park Manager Eddie Coffey. “We had quite a few bicyclers out taking pictures of them when they’d go by, along with cars that would stop so people could take pictures of them.”

But the sunflower crop planted at Heritage Park in 2019 fizzled, so officials are hopeful the popular yellow flowers can make a comeback at the park this year. As of late August, the plants were about 24 inches tall. 

Sunflowers growing

“We have good growing weather, but they were planted a little late,” Coffey said. “I think they’ll still bloom, but they might be shorter than usual. We’re not sure when they will bloom but I am hoping in about three to four weeks.”

The sunflower field in Heritage Park is located southeast of shelter #7 on Hallet Street within the park. From the intersection of Pflumm and 172nd St., go west, and 172nd street will curve north and turn into Hallet. Parking is available at shelter #7, or those going to see the sunflowers can park one car width off the road along Hallet. 

For the enjoyment of other park patrons, and as indicated by signage on both sides of the road, visitors are asked not to cut or harvest the flowers. Those who do so are subject to possible ticketing by the Johnson County Park Police.