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Jun 30

Registration department’s challenges include implementing new software

Posted on June 30, 2020 at 3:04 PM by Becky Burnside

Interacting with both customers and coworkers is one of his favorite aspects of working in JCPRD’s Registration and Reservations Department, says the department’s new manager. 

Paul Brugman was promoted from senior registration clerk to registration manager effective May 30.

“Paul has been the Senior Registration Clerk for three years, and has been in the Registration Department for about seven years total, bringing a wealth of knowledge to his new position as manager,” said Superintendent of Recreation Rhonda Pollard. “I’m so excited for this new chapter, as Paul has hit the road running, bringing a new vision and new energy to this critical JCPRD department.  He is also a great addition to our recreation management team and we’re all looking forward to supporting him in his new role!”

“I feel that I bring an abundance of knowledge and a new perspective on how the department can support customers and all other departments within JCPRD,” Brugman added. “I was interested in this position because I felt that it was an opportunity for me to grow within JCPRD, and it was a chance for me to lead the department that I have been a part of for seven years now.”

Brugman sees providing great customer service as one of his department’s strengths. 

“We try our best to be show a positive attitude and help every person we talk to as best we can,” he said. “I would hope that people know we are always here and willing to help.”

Several anticipated and ongoing developments are expected to bring challenges to his department, Brugman said.  

“First is that we are switching to the new recreation registration software ActiveNet this fall, and that will bring us new challenges as we move away from our current software,” he said. “My goal would be to make that transition as smooth as possible for everyone in the district, and to find new ways to be able to help our fellow employees provide the programs and services to our patrons. Registration has also moved to become a more decentralized department, and that provides challenges for us because we will be more spread out, and it will be important that we make sure we continue to communicate well with each other.”