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Tap into your creativity and sing, paint, dance, and perform to your hearts desire! Below are all of our fall opportunities. Click on the highlighted barcode number to register. Check back often for updates as we gradually resume programs and events.

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Fine and Performing Arts
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Art: China Painting - Drop In 
Join in on friendly conversation and artistic collaboration each Friday morning with fellow China painters. Drop-in price includes china kiln firing. No instructor present.
1 - 3 hr. session - $3 pay at the door

9622                  Roeland Park Community Center         5/7-8/27      Fri      9 am

Art: Exploring Art Workshops   

Enjoy a series of one-day workshops, each with a different way of looking at or creating art.  Take one or take them all!  

ELEMENTS OF ART INTRODUCTION: Color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value; each element will be explored in a related art exercise or project. 

COLLAGE: Explore the blending of a variety of paper, images, words, and mediums to create your masterpiece. 

ART AS PLAY: Use the mediums and techniques from our childhoods to “play” and learn to open-up to create art for the sheer joy of the experience. 

WHO AM I?: Discover new ways to create a self-portrait.  Do you see yourself as another type of being? Abstract or realistic, the sky is the limit! 

1 - 2 1/2 hr. session - $15 / $17 nonresidents

14287  Matt Ross Community Center      Elements of Art            9/20     Mon     9:30 am

14288  Matt Ross Community Center      Collage                        9/27     Mon     9:30 am

14290   Matt Ross Community Center      Art of Play                   10/4     Mon     9:30 am

14291  Matt Ross Community Center       Who Am I?                  10/18   Mon     9:30 am


Art: Holiday Bejeweled Trees

Get into the holiday spirit by getting crafty!  Bring your favorite old jewelry pieces or beads. We will supply the trees, bases, glues, and assorted beads. 

1 - 2 hr. session - $15 / $17 nonresidents

14301  Matt Ross Community Center                     11/8             Mon 10 am

Art: Painter’s Palette   
Techniques, styles, and tips taught with pastel, watercolor, acrylic, or oil. Individual instruction and peer assistance provided. Check out the first class for free! Five and ten punch cards expire three months from date of purchase. For the supply list or to purchase a punch card call (913) 826-2830.
5 Punch Art Card - $55 / $61 nonresidents
10 Punch Art Card - $107 / $118 nonresidents          

Tomahawk Ridge Community Center          Mondays     9:30 am 

Matt Ross Community Center                      Thursdays     1:30 pm

Tomahawk Ridge Community Center          Fridays       9:30 am (Postponed)

Art: Watercolor Painting
Techniques, styles and tips taught. Individual instruction and peer assistance provided. Check out the first class for free! Start anytime with a punch card. Punch cards expire three months from date of purchase. Please call (913) 826-2830 for supply list.
5 Punch Art Card - $55 / $61 nonresidents
10 Punch Art Card - $107 / $118 nonresidents

Matt Ross Community Center          Tuesdays            9 am  

Art: Woodcarving - Drop-In
Enjoy your time carving and sharing ideas with others in this drop-in session. No instructor present, but lots of experienced carvers are willing to help with ideas and projects.
17 - 2 ½ hr. sessions - $3 pay at the door

Tomahawk Ridge Community Center           Tuesdays         9 am (Postponed)

Dance: Tap
Lace up your shoes and “Shuffle off to Buffalo!” Join us to learn basic tap fundamentals such as the Waltz, Clog, and Rhythm Time Steps. Hard-soled or tap dance shoes required. No previous tap dance experience necessary. Stomp, shuffle, and stamp to the next level with intermediate tap. Test out of Intermediate for advanced. Hard soled or tap dance shoes required. Tap dance experience necessary. Please call (913) 826-2830 for more information.
8 - 50 min. sessions - $61 / $67 nonresidents      

9814              Matt Ross Community Center       Beginning               8/17          Tue           2 pm        

9816              Matt Ross Community Center       Intermediate           8/16          Mon          2 pm

10153            Matt Ross Community Center       Advanced               8/16          Mon           3 pm

14302            Matt Ross Community Center        Beginning              10/25        Mon          1:15 pm        

14308            Matt Ross Community Center        Intermediate          10/25        Mon           2 pm

14309            Matt Ross Community Center        Advanced              10/25         Mon          3 pm

Dance: Social - Tea Dance
Dance the afternoon away with The Playboys! Enjoy live music from the big band era at our weekly tea dance. Individuals and couples are welcome. Refreshments provided, bring your favorite potluck treat.
- 2 hr. dances - $5 pay at the door

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse            5/7-8/27  Fri            2 pm     OPENING JULY 30 

Performing Group Music: New Horizons Band 

Dig out your old instrument or purchase/rent a new one and join our group of fun-loving musicians.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played in years! Through a cooperative effort between UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, Meyer Music, and JCPRD, this band offers an opportunity to make music in a relaxed, learning atmosphere. UMKC music majors assist the band director. Call (913) 826-3160 for details. 

15 - 2 hr. sessions - $90 / $99 nonresidents 

14529             RPCC                  8/31                  Tue           6 pm


Performing Group Vocal: The Side By Side Experience

Looking for a way to sing and enjoy music with other performance lovers? This group of easy-going singers welcomes you to have fun with music regardless of your skill level. We offer weekly rehearsals with performances throughout the community during the month. Questions? Call (913) 826-2975. No class on 11/26 or 12/24.

12 - 2 hr. sessions - $14 / $15 nonresidents

14605             MBPC                 9/17      Fri    12:30 pm

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