Family/Personal Papers

Harkey Family (1863-1930):
The papers of the Harkey family primarily relate to D.Z.A. Harkey(1845-1924), a long-time resident of Marysville Township, Miami County (just south of Spring Hill, Johnson County). Harkey was a Confederate veteran who in 1868 married Mary Elizabeth Barkley and settled two miles east and two miles south of Gardner. D.Z.A. Harkey was the father of Dr. William C. Harkey.

Hodges Family (1899-1968):
A collection of papers relating to and produced by George H. Hodges and his family. The collection was originally donated by Murray Hodges to the Johnson County Museum in 1984 and was processed in 1988. The papers contain material relating to George Hodges' political, business and personal life.

McAnany Family (two sets) (1871-1980):
The McAnany Family Papers is a collection of the correspondence of a Johnson County family and documents related to the genealogy of the family from 1871-1980. Set 1 or Set 2

Robert H. Meneilly, Sr. (two sets) (1962-1995):
Robert Meneilly was the founding pastor of the Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kansas, retiring in 1994 after 47 years of service. He delivered sermons that were rather progressive for the times, speaking on topics such as race relations, sexuality, religion, and war. Set 1 or Set 2 

Roe Family (1887-1968):
Collection of Roe Family Papers, one of the early Johnson County families. The papers primarily document the finances of the John Roe family.

Sharp Family (two sets)(1854-1980):
A collection of family memorabilia from 17854-1976. The papers of the Sharp family document several generations of an Oxford Township farm family. Set 1or Set 2

Joseph H. Vaughan (1993-2005):
Joseph H. Vaughan, Johnson County business owner, civic leader, and politician, born 1948.