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Your wellness matters!  Staying active and focusing on your health is important to maintaining energy, focus, and independence.  We encourage you to take the first step by trying one of any of our classes for free.  Whether you are looking to improve balance and flexibility, mindfulness, or overall strength we have a class for you!  

Workout facilities with strength and cardiovascular equipment can be found at the Mill Creek Activity Center and the Roeland Park Community Center. These facilities are proud SilverSneakers and Renew Active™ member partners. Learn more about these programs or check your eligibility by clicking the location name above. 

Click on the activity number to register online or call our Registration department at 913-831-3359 
or 913-831-3342 TDD (service for hearing impaired).

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Virtual courses are currently held at no charge and offered via Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. Advanced registration is required. Programs are subject to meeting minimum registrations. Information on how to access the program will be sent no later than 9:00 am the day of the program to those who register/RSVP. Please register/RSVP for all programs at least 24 hours in advance.
1 - 45 min. workout - $3 pay at the door

Merriam Community Center               M,W          10 am

Spring Hill Civic Center                         T,Th           1 pm    

New Century Fieldhouse                      W,F            10:15 am

Matt Ross Community Center             Wed           1 pm

Matt Ross Community Center             Fri               10:45 am

1 – 45 min. workout - FREE

21665     Virtual AFEP              5/10 - 12/27     Wed      11 am

34210     Virtual AFEP              1/3 - 4/24          Wed     11 am

Exercise: Ageless Lifters
LOW INTENSITY: Engage each muscle group in your body. This full body workout is achieved through high repetition sets and strength training exercises. This class uses dumbbells and body weight exercises. 
4 - 50 min. sessions - $32 / $35 nonresident

33704             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  1/9       Tue           2 pm

33705             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 3/12     Tue           2 pm

3 - 50 min. sessions - $24 / $26 nonresident

33706             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 2/6       Tue           2 pm 

33707             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 4/9       Tue           2 pm


Exercise: Chair Yoga 
LOW INTENSITY: Take yoga off the mat and onto the chair, incorporating breathing with movement while retaining all the benefits of yoga easily from a chair.  Standing balance poses may use the chair for support as needed. Option to attend in person or watch live via Zoom. Beginners are welcome.  
4 - 50 min. sessions - $32 / $35 nonresident      

33700             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 1/11     Thu    10:30 am

33701             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 2/8       Thu    10:30 am

33702             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 3/7       Thu    10:30 am

33703             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 4/4       Thu    10:30 am

Exercise: Classical Stretch 
LOW INTENSITY: Classical Stretch, or Essentrics, is a dynamic, full-body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening, while engaging all 650 muscles. Perfect for all ages. Participants need to bring a yoga mat, large towel, and water. No class 1/15 or 2/12. 
5 - 50 min. sessions - $40 / $44 nonresident

33697              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                1/8        Mon         5 pm

33698             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 2/26     Mon         5 pm

33699             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 4/1       Mon         5 pm


Exercise: Gentle Yoga
LOW INTENSITY: Gentle Yoga is performed at a slower pace, with less intense positions, and includes extended time for meditation, yogic breath work, and relaxation.
4 - 50 min. sessions- $32 / $35 nonresident

33693             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 1/9       Tue           9 am

33694             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 2/6       Tue           9 am

33695             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 3/5       Tue           9 am

5 - 50 min. sessions - $40 / $44 nonresident

33696             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 4/2       Tue           9 am

Exercise: Walk With Ease
LOW INTENSITY: Walk With Ease (WWE) is a community-based physical activity program through the Arthritis Foundation. While walking is the central activity, WWE includes health education, stretching and strengthening exercises, and motivational strategies. All experience levels welcome in this course. Each participant must have a Walk With Ease guide book.
12 - 1 hr. sessions - $18 if book needed/ $6 no book

33691             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse            3/19        Tue, Thu           9:30 am 

33692             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse            4/30        Tue, Thu            9:30 am 

Exercise:  Walking & Talking
Talk while you walk, walk while you talk! Meet new people, catch up with others, and feel great being active all at the same time! Walk any time between 8 am and 10 am at Okun and 10 am and noon at New Century Fieldhouse. No meeting 11/23, 11/24, 12/25, 1/15.

Ongoing - FREE                                  

New Century Fieldhouse     9/5 - 12/29     M-F      10 am - Noon

New Century Fieldhouse       1/2-4/30     M-F     10 am - Noon

Okun Fieldhouse                   9/5 - 12/29     M-F      8 am - 10 am

Okun Fieldhouse                     1/2-4/30     M-F     8 am-10 am

Tai Chi: Tai Chi 
Tai Chi offers a slow and gentle exercise with benefits in endurance, flexibility, and muscle strengthening. All experience levels welcome in this course.
4 - 50 min. sessions - $38 / $42 nonresident

32057      Roeland Park Community Center                 12/6     Wed      10 am

32056      Roeland Park Community Center                 12/7      Thu       5 pm

34066      Roeland Park Community Center                  1/3       Wed        10 am

34070       Roeland Park Community Center                  1/4       Thu          5 pm

34067       Roeland Park Community Center                  2/7       Wed        10 am

34071       Roeland Park Community Center                  2/8       Thu           5pm

34068       Roeland Park Community Center                  3/6       Wed        10 am

34072       Roeland Park Community Center                  3/7       Thu         5 pm

34069       Roeland Park Community Center                  4/3       Wed      10 am

34073        Roeland Park Community Center                  4/4       Thu        5 pm 

Tai Chi:  Tai Chi for Arthritis
LOW INTENSITY: Incorporating all the essential principles of Tai Chi, the movements in this class are safe and easy to learn for those with arthritis or just starting a wellness routine.  Through practice, improve muscular strength, flexibility, and fitness.    All experience levels welcome in this course.  No class 1/15.
1 - 45 min. session - $3 pay at the door each class 

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Beginning)          Mon      12 pm 

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Advanced)          Mon      1 pm 

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Intermediate)      Mon      2 pm 

Yoga: Hatha (Gentle) Yoga Punch Card (Ages 18 & Older)
MODERATE INTENSITY: Strengthen your body, calm your mind, and improve your flexibility and balance. All fitness levels can benefit from this class. Participants are encouraged to bring yoga mats. New participants are welcome to try one class for free, please call 913-826-3160 for more information, details and class start time. Five and ten punch cards expire three months after date of sale; 20 punch cards expire four months after date of sale. No class 1/1 and 1/15.

5 Punch Card - $45/ $50 nonresidents (valid for 3 months)

10 Punch Card - $90/ $99 nonresidents (valid for 3 months)

20 Punch Card - $180/ $198 nonresidents (valid for 4 months)

                 Roeland Park Community Center          Mon, Thu      4:00 pm

Exercise: Zumba® Gold
MODERATE INTENSITY:  Perfect for active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba class. Easy-to-follow choreography focuses on balance, range of motion, coordination, and fun! Want to try a class before committing to the entire session? Call for details 913-826-3160.     
6 - 50 min. sessions - $48 / $53 nonresident

34076            Roeland Park Community Center                        1/6     Sat       9 am 

34078             Roeland Park Community Center                     2/24     Sat       9 am 

34080             Roeland Park Community Center                     4/13      Sat       9 am 

Want to exercise from the comfort of your living room? Click HERE to view our available Virtual Programs!