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Donate an Item

The Johnson County Museum relies upon the generosity of the community to donate objects, photographs and printed materials which document our local history. Anyone may offer an item for the Museum to review for acceptance to the permanent collection. Items collected may be used for exhibit, research or educational programs. If you have an item you would like to d1950s era child’s baking oven with accessories (pans, cake mix boxes, utensils)onate, please read through the information below to assess if your items meet our criteria. Then please call 913-826-2787 or email to make an appointment.

Collection Criteria


Items offered must have a direct connection to Johnson County, Kansas, its residents, business community, or political or social life. The more information you can provide with your donation, the better. Who used the item, how did they use it, photographs of the person using the object – all that information is helpful in the evaluation process.

Time Period

The Museum is interested in materials from all time periods in the County’s history, up to and including the present. The current focus is on items from the mid-1960s through the present and items connected with the lives and businesses of immigrants to the county since the mid-1960s, but all items will be fully evaluated.


Items offered to the Museum should be in good to excellent condition. Exceptions include items of significant historical value to Johnson County’s history which warrant conservation. Once accepted, all items are stored, protected and preserved under conditions that insure their long-term preservation.

Rejected Items

On occasion, items which meet all the criteria above are rejected for a variety of reasons such as duplication or storage considerations. We appreciate all opportunities to evaluate potential items for our collection and sincerely thank you for your support of the Museum’s collection initiatives.