Antioch Park Memorial Arboretum

About the Arboretum

The Antioch Park Memorial Arboretum borders the Helen S. Cuddy Rose Garden in Antioch Park. The arboretum is in a beautiful area of the park that is set aside for the cultivation of trees and shrubs from all over the country. 

Its walkways allow park visitors to view many different types of trees and shrubs as well as providing a quiet place for thoughtful, leisurely strolls.

Up close image of pink and yellow flowers in a garden

In Loving Memory

JCPRD's Memorials Program gives park patrons an opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life and memory in a beautiful, natural setting. Family, friends and organizations are welcome to make contributions for the planting of trees and memorial benches in the arboretum and other areas of JCPRD parks.


For more information, please email us or call 913-826-3438.