Free Agents

The leagues at Okun Fieldhouse and Mid America West Sports Complex accept team registrations. If you do not have a team, you may enter your information onto our Free Agent Listing.

Free Agent Form 

Once you enter your information:

  1. JCPRD staff will contact you with questions.  Please reply to that email.
  2. Your information will be distributed to coaches who are actively recruiting players.
    • Teams are not affiliated with JCPRD.  Coaches are not employed by JCPRD and have no affiliation with our organization (no paperwork, background checks…etc). We stress the importance of parents scrutinizing each option for play to guarantee a good fit for the player and parents.
  3. If enough players are interested in a coming season, and enough parents are available to coach and manage a new team, JCPRD staff will work with those parents to help form a new team.

Parent coaches and managers are needed!  Please mark you interest on the Free Agent Form.  Volunteering increases your child's chances of play.  

JCPRD does not place players on teams.  We will make every attempt to put coaches in contact with free agents.