Volleyball Fall League Information

Fall 2019

  • This season has concluded.  Fall 2020 Information will be posted in June.
  • Free Agent Listing - enter info if looking for a team.

All registrations will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation, your registration did not reach us. Please do not fax after 5:00pm or on weekends.

Team Registration Deadlines 

  • Early Bird - Monday, July 29 at noon 
  • Final Deadline - Sunday, August 4
  • Late Deadline - Wednesday, August 7 at noon 

Season Length 

  • August 25 through October 20
  • Games will be played on Sundays, 12:00pm - 9:10pm

Basic Information

  • Teams should have a minimum roster of 6 players.
  • Teams may play with a minimum of 4 players to avoid forfeit.
  • Players may play up, but not down.
  • Players may be on two rosters if the teams are registered for different grades or ability levels.
  • Each game day will include a double header (2 matches, 3 games each)
  • Games will be played to 21 points / 15 minutes.
  • Rally scoring with (3) 30-sec. time-outs per match.
  • Uniform numbers are required only if utilizing positional substitution.
  • Game balls will be provided.
  • Registration guarantees games scheduled.  Reschedules may not be             accommodated.
  • Net Height:
    • 3rd-4th Grade - 6’8”
    • 5th-6th Grade - 7’
    • 7th-High School - 7’4”
  •  Ball Specifications:
    • 3rd-6th Grade - Volley-Lite
    • 7th-High School - Regulation
  • Substitution Specifications:
    • If division is 3rd or 4th grade, or listed as “Recreational”:  Must utilize only rotational substitution; May only sub-out in the middle-back position.
    • If division is 5th grade or higher, or listed as “Intermediate/Advanced”:  May utilize positional substitution in accordance with the KSHSAA rules or rotational substitution.

Required Forms 

Optional Forms 

  • Conflict Reporting - Due by registration deadline
    • Please contact all players before submitting your bye request or conflict form.  If there is a day of play that  your team will be missing too many players to field a team, please submit your request by the listed deadline. 

Additional Information