Tomahawk Hills Women's Golf Association

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Tomahawk Hills Women’s Golf Association 2023

Spring Meeting: Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 8:00 AM

Many of you will be more than ready for the 2023 golf season to begin. We begin the year with the initial meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 5 for the 9 and 18-hole leagues taking place at the Tomahawk Hills Clubhouse. There will be a continental welcome breakfast while you register and pay fees followed by a short business meeting. With weather permitting, it is off to the links!

As is our usual system, April is practice month and we will have tee times set aside each Wednesday morning for those that can be there. This allows new members to obtain a Handicap and GHIN number which is required to participate in weekly and special events.

Official league play will run from May 3, through October 11, with weekly events, tournaments, and our C'est La Vie Golf Invitational on June 7. October 11 will be the "end of the league" fun day! 

Tee Times: 

  • 8:00 AM - April, May, September, and October
  • 7:30 AM - June, July, and August

Registration forms will be available at Tomahawk Hills Golf Course or you can register at the spring meeting.

For details, call or email any of the five officers listed below, or Tomahawk Hills Clubhouse at 913-631-8000.

2023 Fees

Category Amount
THWGA Association Dues
Hole-in-One Club (Optional)

Resident Patron Card (Everyone Must Be a Patron)

Category Amount
Individual $100
Senior (60 & Over)
Husband & Wife

The Patron Card allows you to play at Tomahawk Hills or Heritage park golf courses at reduced rates anytime as well as enabling you to obtain a GHIN Handicap to utilize in tournaments.

For more details about patron cards, golf fees, etc. visit our Patron Cards page.

Every League member must be a Patron. If you have not already purchased your Patron Card, you may do so with a check or credit card. A separate check is needed for the league fees.

Mark your calendars and join us for a fun season of golf. If you have any friends that are interested in joining us, please bring them along. The more the merrier!

List of Contacts

Name/Title Phone Email
Pat Kalicki, President/Special Events 913-599-6922 Email Pat
Debbie Kremers, Vice-President 913-631-2742 Email Debbie
Patty Kearn, Treasurer 913-492-7529 Email Patty
Peggy MacKay, 9 Hole Rep, Invitational 913-631-1191 Email Peggy
Valerie Wilhite, Social Director 816-820-1515 Email Valerie

We look forward to seeing everyone!