Learning Through Play

KidScape is a fully-immersive, interactive history experience where kids time travel to different periods and communities from the region's past. Work on the farm, perform at the theater or the puppet show, teach in the school, deliver the mail, care for patients at the hospital, or fry up some burgers at the diner. There's 3,500 square feet of fun to explore and learn while having fun!


The Communities

An 1870s farmstead introduces kids to life on the farm- tending animals, collecting eggs, gardening and house chores inside the farmhouse. Also try your hand tending livestock and camping under a wagon.

Time travel to an 1900s City to sell fruits and vegetables at the City Market, perform an original play at the City Theater, and teach lessons at the City School.

Suburbia springs to life in the1950s! Care for sick patients at the hospital, cook up burgers at the diner, and build a house for a new suburban family. Even explore a park with a secret cave! 

For families who want to prepare kids for the best Kidscape experience, this guide can help!