Johnson County Park & Recreation District

About the District

For the past 60 years the Johnson County Park and Recreation District has been enhancing the lives of the citizens of Johnson County through its parks, quality of programs, professionalism and response to developing trends. 

Purple flowers blowing in the wind in the open green spaceThe District's contributions to the personal lives of Johnson County's citizens have earned the District local appreciation and national acclaim. Each year, the District records more than 7 million park visitors and over 2 million recreation patrons participated in over 4,000 programs. The Arts and Heritage center will be the home to the Fine and Performing Arts department of JCPRD.


To offer the best recreation experience by providing quality parks, programs and instruction, always listening to our patrons, and by responding in a professional, timely, and knowledgeable manner.


To enhance the quality of life in Johnson County by providing high-quality parks, services, and recreation programs.


To be the leader in park management and recreation services, to be responsive to our community and the people we serve. To impact the character of our community in a positive manner, to serve as a catalyst for program and land use innovation, and to function as a responsive steward of all our resources