Arts Council of Johnson County

About the Council

More than just an advocate for the Arts, The Arts Council of Johnson County is dedicated to the enrichment of our community through the Arts. Building a creative culture. Transforming the region into a vibrant, thriving area desirable to new businesses, new visitors, more tourists. Helping to bring the right people together to effect change.

Arts Council of Johnson County website

Purpose & Duties

The Arts Council of Johnson County enhances the quality of life in the community by strengthening the Arts.

Focusing on the Arts as an effective economic development tool through which to foster a strong regional identity, the council:

  • Advocates for policies that strengthens the Arts in Johnson County and the metropolitan area
  • Champions Arts learning opportunities for all ages
  • Amplifies Johnson County's voice in the broader metropolitan area Arts discussions
  • Contributes to the growth of the Arts within the 21 municipalities of Johnson County

2017 Shooting Stars Gala student exhibition