Theatre at the AHC

The Black Box Theatre 

Inside the AHC is a state-of-the-art performance space, featuring complete flexibility with a maximum seating capacity of 300. Overhead, the entire space is covered with a "tension grid" allowing technicians to walk above the playing space AND audience. Equipment can be hung above the grid, allowing easy access to hang and focus lights, adjust sound speaker placement, and install and run special effects of all kinds. 

The Theatre In the Park at the AHC

The Theatre in the Park is the resident theatre company of the AHC and primary tenant of the black box theater, and produces shows year-round in the space. The TIP Theatre Academy also utilizes the space for theatre programming and classes for youth throughout the year, typically offering camps during the summer months, and intensive academy produced shows during out-of-school times like Spring break, Fall break, and Winter vacation. LEARN MORE ABOUT THEATRE CLASSES AND PROGRAMS!

Many other companies and groups utilize the AHC space too! We hope to see you at one of our TIP productions, or visiting as a patron of one of the other performing groups that call us home!