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  1. picture of the arts and heritage center with the text "reopening the AHC"
  1. We are excited to begin welcoming the community back to the JOCO Arts & Heritage Center!

    In order to ensure the safety of all we will begin by offering JoCo Museum and KidScape visits by appointment only, as well as offering pre-registered programming and facility rental as a phased start.

    Here’s a great place to get information about our plans:

    • Learn more about visiting the Museum or KidScape by appointment.
    • See a list of upcoming camps. (There are lots of places still available!)
    • For information about facility rental, please call 913-826-2957, or see a virtual tour of the JOCO Arts & Heritage Center spaces for rent.
    • Have a question? Give us a call at 913-826-2787, or drop us a note.
    For the most timely updates, follow us HERE on Facebook!


    The Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center is now open for public rentals through our event space. We are taking every precaution to maintain separation from these events, however there may be some intersection during drop-off/pick-up times. In order to ensure your family’s safety, we kindly request that all camp students remain in the vehicle until after a staff member has met you at your vehicle.