Camp Scholarships / Transfers



A limited number of JCPRD Summer Camp scholarships are available through Community Development Block Grant funds for qualifying families.  Weekly scholarship amounts awarded, if any, are based on income, location, job status and size of household per HUD Guidelines.  Applications must be complete, including supporting documentation, for consideration.  Families receiving partial funding must remain current with their portion of enrollment fees in order to receive services.  

To receive additional information (available when 2023 CDBG funding is secured), please complete the following inquiry:

  Scholarship Inquiry Form


Fee: $15

All transfer requests are subject to a $15 processing fee and must be submitted in writing a minimum of two weeks prior to the week of camp by emailing JCPRD. All fees are non-refundable. Camps are not prorated for holidays, sick days, early pick-ups, late drop offs or suspensions.