Achievement Class

For each school year, participants will work on the completion of an achievement class in order to progress through JCPRD U. The successful completion of one program from each of the five dimensions of wellness* is required to advance. 

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Participants can complete up to 2 achievement classes at a time as long the participant does not exceed their current school grade. Upon completion of each achievement class, participants will graduate from one phase of JCPRD U and move into the next achievement class.

The achievement classes are as follows:

Explorer (Ages: 3 to 5)

  • Observer (3 years old)
  • Adventurer (4 years old)
  • Investigator (5years old)

Champion (Grades: Kindergarten to 5th)

  • Finisher (Kindergarten)
  • Challenger (1st grade)
  • Competitor (2nd grade)
  • Placer (3rd grade)
  • Victor (4th grade)
  • Champ (5th grade)

Mentor (Grades: 6 to 8)*

  • Leader (6th grade)
  • Advocate (7th grade)
  • Teacher (8th grade)

Expert (Grades: 9 to 12)*

  • Master (9th to 10th grade)
  • Doctor (11th to 12th grade)

*Additional requirements, including special projects, must be met to earn all achievement badges for the mentor and expert classes.

Contact Information

To learn more about JCPRD U, contact us at 913-826-2953 or email JCPRD U.