Youth Summer Camps

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Enrichment & Special Interest

Discovery: Learning Odyssey Camp

This action-packed, teacher-led camp will combine exciting adventures in learning that will incorporate reading, math, and science. Each day will be creative and fun, all while keeping their minds engaged!


Camping Adventures (Ages 6-9)

From outdoor adventures to creative projects, this camping-themed camp is designed for incoming 1st to 3rd graders and will provide exciting adventures, creative learning, and social activities. All supplies are included, and each camper will create a keepsake album to take home. Please bring a snack and a labeled water bottle.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $205 / $225 nonresidents

34666    RPCC         6/3                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Beach Camp (Ages 6-9)

Where the spirit of summer comes alive on the shores of fun and adventure! This beach-themed camp is designed for incoming 1st to 3rd graders and will provide exciting adventures, creative learning, and social activities. All supplies are included, and each camper will create a keepsake album to take home. Please bring a snack and a labeled water bottle.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $205 / $225 nonresidents

34665    RPCC         6/10                Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

Discovery: Mad Science© Camps

Mad Science of Greater Kansas City is a leading science enrichment provider. They deliver unique, hands-on science experiences for children in these fun, themed camps. Prices vary by week due to facility and program material costs.


The Wright Stuff (Ages 7 to 12) 

From the earliest flying machines to the first rocket flights, this hands-on program will give children a bird's eye view of the history and science of flight. Your child will build many different flying devices and explore the science of aerodynamics and flight with the help of Newton's laws. Then we're heading out of the atmosphere with a look at rockets and our galactic neighborhood!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $170 / $187 nonresidents

34639    RPCC         6/10                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

NASA! Journey Into Outer Space (Ages 7 to 12) 

From our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this hands-on program for children ages 7-12 sends them on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight, the challenges of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $170 / $187 nonresidents

34640    RPCC         7/8               Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Rockin Robots (Ages 7 to 10) 

This is a beginner camp for Jr. Scientists to learn about the uses of robots in our world, how they sense and move, and spend time programming robots and participating in robot relays. They discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. They build their very own working robot to take home with them!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $185 / $203 nonresidents

34641    RPCC         7/15                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Super Summer Science Lab (Ages 7 to 12) 

Let Mad Science get you moving with this great five-day camp. Do you love to build, design, and fix things? Put on your engineer's hat to see how science is used to build skyscrapers, bridges, and tunnels. Use simple machines to help lift weights. Spend a day being a true Mad Scientist as you learn about chemical reactions that you might encounter in your daily life. Ever wonder how a camera works? See how cameras capture light to store images and how movie makers make images move and create 3-D effects during "Shutterbugs" day. Finally, take a walk on the wild side as you explore the nature of birds, beasts, and bugs.

5 - 7 hr. sessions - $308 / $340 nonresidents

34642     RPCC         6/24               Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Grossology (Ages 7 to 12) 

The science of our bodies - this camp offers a chance to explore just how gross our amazing bodies are! Discover cool chemical reactions and get right down to the microscopic level to discover the stuff we're all made of - cells! Venture inward on a journey down the “Organ Trail” and explore all our body systems. Create an organ apron and a model lung to take home. Finish the week with an introduction to some of the gross body chemistry we all need.

5 - 7 hr. sessions - $308 / $340 nonresidents

34643     RPCC         8/5               Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Discovery: Challenge Island© Camps

Challenge Island is a leader in STEAM (Stem + Art) education programs. Weekly programs promote analytical and creative thinking abilities through teamwork and imagination. Different weekly themes make the experience an unforgettable adventure! 


STEAM Tank Entrepreneur (Ages 6 to 11) 

Calling all innovative and inventive kids to an adventure in STEAM and entrepreneurship! You and your team will design, create and open new businesses every day: From PIZZApreneur Day, SWEETprenur Day to SLIMEtrepreneur Day. Can you convince the island sharks that your STEAM Team’s business belongs in the new Challenge Island Mall? 

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $175 / $195 nonresidents

34644    RPCC         6/10                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Slimetopia 3 (Ages 6-12) 

Prepare to stir up the most delicious-looking slime recipes on the Seven Seas! You and your STEAM Team have been chosen to be slime sous chefs on the S.S. Slimetopia cruise ship and it’s up to you to “feed” the slime hungry passengers morning, noon and night! You’ll mix up Belgian Waffle Slime, Hamburger and French Fries Slime, and Ice Cream Sundae Slime just to name a few. This NEW camp is sure to sell out in a squishy, squashy splash, so book your cruise cabin ooey, gooey fast! 

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $205 / $225 nonresidents

34646    RPCC         7/15                Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

Road Trip USA (Ages 6 to 11) 

Rev up your RV for a cross country STEAM adventure! You and your team will engineer your way from sea to shining sea from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge from the Hawaiian Volcanoes to the Floridian Theme Parks to an open road of exciting pit-stops in between. This imagination-fueled excursion across the USA promises to have campers smiling from coast to coast!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $175 / $195 nonresidents

34645    RPCC         7/29                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Discovery: Play Well© Camps

Play Well LEGO® Camps strive to provide an environment where students can create without fear of mistakes, explore fundamental STEM concepts through play, and express their creativity in ways they never thought possible. With tens of thousands of LEGO® pieces and the guidance of our passionate instructors, the possibilities are truly endless!  

Adventures in STEM with LEGO® Materials (Ages 5 to 7) 

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects and use special pieces to create your own unique designs! Projects are rotated seasonally to ensure that both new and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $210 / $230 nonresidents

34653    RPCC         6/3                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

STEM Explorations with LEGO® Materials (Ages 7 to 12) 

Master your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects. Projects are rotated seasonally to ensure that even returning students get a new experience, so join us to design and build as never before and explore your craziest ideas.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $210 / $230 nonresidents

34654    RPCC         6/3                Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

Pokémon® Engineering using Lego® Materials (Ages 5 to 7) 

Calling all Pokémon trainers! With the Pokémon® Championship approaching, join our enthusiastic Play-Well Instructors as we build and catch our favorite Pokémon®, rescue Pikachu® from Team Rocket, take a ride on the S.S. Anne to uncover rare and mystic Pokémon®, and battle to see who will hold the title of Pokémon Master. Come along on our journey to catch 'em all!!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $210 / $230 nonresidents

34655    RPCC         7/8                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Pokémon® Master Engineering using LEGO® Materials (Ages 7 to 12) 

LEGO® Master, I choose you!! In the race to be crowned the Ultimate Pokémon Champion, we need your help! Learn to build your favorite Pokémon®, level up by teaching them special moves, evolve them into more powerful versions, and come face to face with the current champion in an epic battle for the title. Learn from our Play-Well Pokémon® Masters so you can make it to the top!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $210 / $230 nonresidents

34656    RPCC         7/8                Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

Minecraft® Engineering with LEGO® Materials (Ages 5 to 7) 

Venture into the world of Minecraft® in our unique LEGO® experience. Get ready to build your base, craft your tools, use your Minecart to harvest raw resources, and battle to stop the Ender Dragon from ending the world. Come explore the endless possibilities of LEGO® with a trained Play-Well instructor.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $210 / $230 nonresidents

34657    RPCC         7/29                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Minecraft® Master Engineering with LEGO® Materials (Ages 7 to 12) 

Bring your favorite Minecraft® adventures to life with our enthusiastic Play-Well instructors. In a Minecraft world powered by LEGO® resources, we will build shelters to keep out Creepers, craft mystical items that only true masters can wield, and perfect our crossbow skills to stop the Wither from taking over! If you can imagine it, we can build it.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $210 / $230 nonresidents

34658    RPCC         7/29                Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

Discovery: End of Summer Spectacular Camp (Ages 7 to 13) 

Spend the last week of summer making the most of every minute! Our week will include park field trips, crafts, games, water play and more! Bring a sack lunch and water bottle daily. 

5 - 7 hr. sessions - $175 / $192 nonresidents

34630    RPCC         8/5                Mon-Fri                 9:00 am


Games: The Knight School Chess Camp (Ages 6-12) 

The Knight School is a chess party that gives your child the gift of amazing chess friends, undeniable academic confidence, self-identity as a smart kid, and a dose of childhood joy that is the highlight of their summer! Beginners and experienced players welcome in this kid-centered classroom environment that teaches cool tricks, strategies, openings, and tactics.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $160 / $175 nonresidents

34619    RPCC         7/8                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

34621    RPCC         7/8                Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

34624    RPCC         7/15              Mon-Fri                9:00 am

34625    RPCC         7/15              Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

34626    RPCC         7/22              Mon-Fri                9:00 am

34627    RPCC         7/22              Mon-Fri                1:00 pm


Language: Immersion Passport (Ages 5-10)

New! Join the Language Project for a week of Spanish learning! Campers will “travel” by planes, trains, and automobiles across the globe to visit Spanish speaking countries and learn the language & culture in this jam-packed camp.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $180 / $198 nonresidents

34652        RPCC         6/24                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

Life Skills 

Life Skills: Becoming a Babysitter Camp (Ages 12-16)

Become a responsible babysitter. We’ll cover safety, job expectations, age-appropriate activities for kids, and have a cooking lesson. First Aid and CPR certification included. 

3 - 3 hr. sessions - $95 / $104 nonresidents

34660     RPCC         5/29                Wed-Fri                9:00 am

34661     RPCC         5/29                Wed-Fri                1:00 pm

34662     RPCC         6/4                  Tue-Thurs            9:00 am

34663     RPCC         6/4                  Tue-Thurs            1:00 pm

34664     RPCC         6/11                Tue-Thurs            9:00 am


Multi Sport: Amazing Athletes (Ages 6-8)

Amazing Athletes is a physical fitness program designed to empower children through fitness and sports. Our half day camps are a game-based sports program designed to engage older children in active wellness through advanced physical fitness challenges and interactive sports lessons. The camp will alternate between 10 different sports and will also include relay games, introduction to strength training, and team building activities. What to bring: Sunscreen, hats, water, snack, and athletic footwear.

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $180 / $198 nonresidents

34684     R Park        6/3               Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

34686     R Park        6/24             Mon-Fri                1:00 pm

Martial Arts: Mixed Martial Arts (Ages 6-12)

Do you have a little ninja looking to hone their skills? Traditional martial arts techniques emphasizing awareness-based self-defense and anti-bullying are taught in a fun fashion. Your child will improve discipline, focus and self-confidence while strengthening the body and mind. Each camper gets to keep their boxing mitts at the end of the week!                

3 - 3 hr. sessions - $120 / $132 nonresidents

34679     RPCC        6/4               Tue-Thu                1:00 pm

34682     RPCC        7/16             Tue-Thu                1:00 pm

Sports: Tennis Camp (Ages 6-12)

Whether your child is a beginning or intermediate player, this camp will improve their game and help them get more enjoyment from tennis. Tennis camps focus on skill refinement as well as practice and match play to develop consistent, well-rounded tennis players.              

4 - 3 hr. sessions - $145 / $160 nonresidents

34691     R Park        6/24               Mon-Thu              9:00 am

34693     R Park        7/22               Mon-Thu              9:00 am

Biking: Buddy Pegs Learn to Pedal Camp (Ages 5-10)

Perfect for kids who are not yet pedaling on two wheels (w/o training wheels). Many children start the week timid and reluctant, most will be pedaling on their own by day two thanks to our patient, fun, certified coaches. This week-long camp ensures each camper individual progress and doubles their excitement for biking! Powered by Buddy Pegs Learn To Ride, the leader in youth cycling education. 

4 - 3 hr. sessions - $220 / $242 nonresidents

34675     R Park         5/28               Tue-Fri                9:00 am

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $275 / $302 nonresidents

34676     R Park         6/10                Mon-Fri                9:00 am

34677     R Park        7/15                Mon-Fri                9:00 am