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Advanced Song Interpretation (ages 14-18)

In this class young singers will receive advanced training in vocal performance and song interpretation, specifically designed to help them prepare for auditions and vocal competitions. Our teaching artist will lead your child through a variety of exercises and activities that will help them develop their vocal technique, stage presence, and storytelling abilities. We’ll explore songs from a range of musical genres and work on developing a deep understanding of each piece. This class is designed for serious performers passionate about musical theatre. With personalized coaching and advanced training, your child will be equipped to confidently interpret and perform any song they choose!

6:00-7:00 Wednesday September 6 - October 25

Fall Session Registration coming July 24th!

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Youth Garage Band (ages 12-18)

Check out our new Youth Garage Band class for ages 12-18. In this class, we’ll guide you through the essentials for forming a band, jamming together, and creating harmonious masterpieces that will make heads turn and feet tap. Whether you’re a guitar guru, a drum dynamo, a bass magician, or a vocal virtuoso, our talents instructor is here to nurture your talent and help you find your unique sound. Get ready to learn the fundamentals of various instruments, the art of crafting killer riffs, and the secrets to creating killer hooks. Don’t worry if you if you’ve never played in a band before – this class is all about collaboration and teamwork. This class will culminate in a sharing for your friends and family that is sure to rock!

4:00-4:50 Tuesdays September 5 - October 24

Fall Session registration coming July 24th!

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