Art Nine Disc Golf Course

Artists and artworks for the "Art Nine" Disc Golf Course have been selected!

The course, with structures installed, will be completed in late spring 2024. View the tabs below to learn more about each of the artists and artworks!

Thanks for your community feedback, which took place August 7 - 21.

In early 2023, Johnson County Park and Recreation District released a call to artists within a 250-mile radius to design to create site-specific, permanent sculptures for the future Art Nine disc golf course located at Shawnee Mission Park. The Art Selection Committee — made up of community members and JCPRD staff — selected 6 artists as finalists including Tim Adams, Jake Balcom, Scott Diven, Amie Jacobsen, Stephen T. Johnson, and Tim Mispagel. Each artist was asked to present 3 proposals to the art selection committee. Ten sculptures were selected for realization; nine will be selected for the disc golf course, and a special 10th sculpture which will be placed near the adjacent inclusive playground at Shawnee Mission Park.

  1. Amie Jacobsen (Independence, MO)
  2. Scott Diven (Kansas City, MO)
  3. Tim Mispagel (Olathe, KS)
  4. Jake Balcom (Kansas City, MO)

Jacobsen - 1. Spirit of the Brook

Selected Artworks:

  • "Spirit of the Brook" by Amie Jacobsen (placement: near hole 1 tee)
  • "Over the Rainbow" by Amie Jacobsen (placement: near hole 3 tee)
  • "Echinacea Umbrella" by Amie Jacobsen (placement: near hole 5 tee)

Artist Statement/Concept:
My designs for the Art Nine Disc Golf are inspired by the idea of creating enchanting art pieces that celebrate Shawnee Mission Park’s natural environment. The focus is on showcasing the park’s native flora, fauna, animals, and wildlife to create a family-friendly atmosphere. While the designs are intentionally approachable for children, they also possess a level of elegance and sophistication suitable for adults to enjoy.

The main theme of my designs centers around pollinators and other beneficial insects abundant in the park. These creatures, often seen as bothersome or overlooked, play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Given the current environmental challenges of the world, it is essential to recognize their significance. Additionally, my fascination with the intricate and elaborate forms of insects, and their constant movement and energy, motivates me to feature them. 

By highlighting these pollinators and insects, I aim to showcase the crucial role they play in the park’s ecosystem and feel they are a fun yet meaningful way to honor the role the parks play in helping to keep our cities healthy and strong.  

Headshot - Amie JacobsenArtist Bio:
Amie Jacobsen is a designer, sculptor and public artist living and working in the Kansas City area.  A lifelong creator, she has produced work in painting, illustration, and graphic design before transitioning to 3D design and metal-working in 2015.  She holds a BA in Studio Art from Western State Colorado, as well as an MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where she also taught illustration from 2006-2015. In 2015, Amie took the opportunity to learn metalworking where she was introduced to the world of fabricated sculpture and public art and completely reshaped her career. After 2 years she was awarded her first large scale sculpture commission and opened her own studio and workshop. Today, Amie’s studio is located in Independence, MO where she has produced sculpture and artisan furniture throughout the US, including 9 public art commissions.

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Project Overview

The Public Art Program is interested in commissioning artists to create site-specific, permanent sculptures at the Art Nine disc golf course located at Shawnee Mission Park, 7900 Renner Road, Shawnee, KS 66219. It is the goal of this project to hire three artists/artist teams to each create a series of three art pieces. With nine total sculptures, placement will occur in proximity to each of the nine tees.

The goals for the Art Nine Disc Golf Course are to:

  • Encourage the discovery of disc golf as a fun, healthy and relatively inexpensive pastime for individuals and families.  
  • Use art to highlight and celebrate the natural environment within Shawnee Mission Park including native flora, fauna, animals, birds, and unique features of the park. The artist may find inspiration for their design by spending time in this park, utilizing resources provided in this document, or visiting with JCPRD staff. 
  • Create whimsical art sculptures that can be enjoyed by disc golfers and park patrons.
  • Celebrate the role that art and artists play in our community and in our economy.

Artist Eligibility:

The public art opportunity is open to professional artists residing within 250 miles of the Kansas City area including Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita, Omaha, Lincoln, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Hutchinson, Emporia, Topeka, Manhattan, Lawrence, Columbia, and others. 

250-mi radius from KC

Tentative Timeline:

April 13, 2023

Issue call for artists

May 3, 2023

Virtual open house (11 – 11:30 AM @ Zoom)

June 8, 2023

Artist qualifications due

June 14, 2023

ASC meets to determine 6 finalists

June 29, 2023

Optional site visit for 6 finalists

August 3, 2023

Artists present concept proposals to ASC virtually

August 7 - 21, 2023

Community feedback

August 22, 2023

ASC meets to determine 3 winners and assign tee locations

Design proposal / finalization

August 29, 2023

Public Art Committee approval

September 20, 2023

JCPRD Board approval, contract initiated

Oct 2023 - Feb 2024


March - April 2024

Site preparation, art installation

May 2024

Ribbon cutting / community engagement event

Art Selection Committee

The Art Nine Disc Golf Course Art Selection Committee (ASC) will review artist qualifications and design proposals, ultimately selecting 3 artists to complete 9 art sculptures for the "Art Nine" disc golf course.

  • Bill Maasen, JCPRD Superintendent of Parks and Golf Courses
  • Clifton Alexander, Artist and Disc Golf Advocate
  • Kelby Hellwig, JCPRD Central Region Park Manager
  • Susan Mong, JCPRD Superintendent of Culture
  • Yolonda Guyton, JCPRD Planning & Development Department + Public Art Committee Liaison
  • Rich Smith, Kansas Flying Disc Association
  • Laura Hayes, Disc Golf Advocate
  • Lenexa Arts Council / Community Art Advocate
  • Jen Newell, administrative support, non-voting