Shawnee Mission Park Marina

The Shawnee Mission Park Marina is now open!

You may notice active construction happening on the upper level, but the lower level is open for business.

See information on rental prices, boat rental times, types of boats, age requirements. 

Renovations to the existing marina building included:

  • Addition of a new ticketing area
  • Construction of a new boat storage facility to the west of the marina building that will store boats in the off-season, as well as life jackets and paddles for easy access to patrons
  • Accessible upgrades to the marina’s current dock
  • Upgrades and relocation of the observation-deck-level restrooms. 

Although it is located east of the marina, installation of a new accessible kayak and canoe launch which will allow patrons of all abilities to launch their vessels by themselves is also part of this project.  

New Kayak and Canoe Launch Area Plan