2024 JCPRD Legacy Plan

In September 2024, the Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners approved the 2024 Legacy Plan. It’s the culmination of a 13-month process to update the 2015 Legacy Plan. The update intends to build on the success of initiatives from the 2015 plan while recalibrating to help ensure JCPRD services are tailored to meet current and future community needs. The plan establishes clear and realistic goals, objectives, and implementation strategies that can guide JCPRD’s decision-making through 2039. The goals and action items in this plan are based on the community’s vision and values and help ensure sustainable provision of parks, trails, culture, education, and recreation far into the future.

The plan and survey results from a community wide survey can be explored below.

2024 Legacy Plan

ETC Community Survey

2024 Legacy Plan Cover

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