Place of Peace Exhibit Call for Artists

2023 Exhibit: Call for Artists

Peace Sign with Pink FlowersCALL FOR ENTRY

Place of Peace 
Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center 
8788 Metcalf Avenue 
Overland Park, KS 66212 

ARTWORK REVIEW- March 27th - 30th 

ARTWORK DROP OFF- April 17th & 18th
EXHIBITION DATES- April 21st to August 19th
OPENING RECEPTION- April 20th, Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center
ARTWORK PICKUPAugust 24th & 25th

Open. All two-dimensional artworks must be able to be hung on a gallery wall by picture wire. All artworks must be family friendly; no images of nudity, of a sexual nature, graphically violent or depicting gore, no use of or depiction of illegal substances. Acceptance of images deemed “family friendly” or not is at the discretion of Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center (JCAHC) staff.  

Artists of all ages, residing or working in the KC Metro Area, who are veterans or active-duty military (all military branches are welcome to apply). There is no entry fee.  Artwork must be hand delivered, framed and wired on the back (hanging ready) to the JCAHC. 

All artworks submitted to the 2023 Place of Peace show are reviewed by the art selection committee with the goal of accepting at least one artwork from each applicant. After all submitted artworks are reviewed, the art selection committee will contact all artists to let them know if they have been asked to be part of the exhibit and if so, which artwork/s have been chosen. This will happen by March 31st, 2023. In addition to their acceptance, artists will be notified about the dates and times for artwork drop off. 

Upon dropping off their work, will be asked to complete an Artist Agreement form. All artwork will have to stay hanging in the exhibit until the exhibit is over and cannot be removed early.  

All accepted artists are invited, as well as their friends and family, to the Opening Reception and are not required to provide anything for this event.

Once the exhibit is over, artists will need to come pickup their art on the designated artwork pickup dates/times. Photos of the artwork and the Place of Peace art exhibit will always be listed on the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center's website: 

Artists must complete this application and submit up to 3 images of three works (1 images per artwork).  (see application link below)  

Review of the works in person will be required prior to signed agreements between the artist and Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center.

Artwork is not required to be listed for sale. JCAHC agrees to provide information about the artwork with listed price and will refer all sales inquiries directly to the artist.  Point of sale for artwork is prohibited on the grounds of JCAHC.  Any artwork sold during an exhibition will be listed as sold, but will remain on display through the duration of the exhibition.  It is the lender’s responsibility to notify JCAHC of a sale as soon as possible so this can be noted on the appropriate didactic. No commission shall be due JCPRD for any artwork sold while on loan. 

Fill out the Artist’s Application HERE Version OptionsPlace of Peace Exhibit Call for ArtistsHeadline   Version OptionsPlace of Peace Exhibit Call for Artists    Version OptionsPlace of Peace Exhibit Call for Artists    Version OptionsPlace of Peace Exhibit Call for Artists    Version OptionsPlace of Peace Exhibit Call for Artists    Version OptionsPlace of Peace Exhibit Call for Artists The application will not be available until it opens on February 27th.

Submitted artworks will be reviewed by the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center Fine Arts Coordinator and Arts Council of Johnson County staff. Artists whose works are accepted will be notified by March 31st, 2022 via email. 

Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center reserves the right to reproduce accepted works for publicity, documentation and promotion of the exhibition. Artworks submitted must be available from April 17th -August 25th 2023. 

Place of Peace 

The arts can help veterans find support and community, process trauma, and combat challenges such as PTS and depression. The mission of our collaborative veteran arts programming is to provide a creative outlet for veterans and community members to interact with and understand each other’s experiences; serving as an opportunity to help veterans transition to civilian life but also as a chance for participants to learn from each other, regardless of their veteran or military status, build communication and dismantle per-conceived notions and stereotypes. 

Finding a “Place of Peace”, be it a spiritual center, a garden, painting, theatre performance, or spending time with friends and family, is absolutely essential. 

Let this help you find yours. 


This exhibition is produced in partnership with the Arts Council of Johnson County. 


Email Fine Arts Coordinator, Ryan Bell with any questions at [email protected].