Imagination: David Alston

November 18th 2018 - January 27th 2019

David Alston is an artist and illustrator, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, who later found himself in the state of Kansas where he fell in love with Kansas heritage, culture, and moderate pace of growth. As a veteran, single father of three boys, “who will forever be the heartbeat of [his] life”, Alston has worked diligently to pursue his passions in addition to his high demand day job. A balancing act, Alston put it well in stating, “we make time for what we really want out of life”. His work involves a vast array of content as he expands his reach to a wider audience. Imagination is the interwoven element in Alston’s paintings as he reimagines the realism found in daily life and alters the image to create an explosive evocation of the soul.



"Jimi Hendrix II"


"Blue Elephant"

Blue Elephant

"John Lennon"