Memories of Land and Custom: Carlos Alberto Valencia

June 4- June 16, 2018

“My work is conceived by searching in the remotest of corners, where I believe people jealously guard their most valuable feelings, some from past and some from current times. To that end, I use the talent given me to translate, through my palette and brushes, those memories and images that almost invariably lead us to interact with that image, thereby evoking moments that are already beautiful, sad or perhaps delayed dreams that we never sought to realize, because circumstances did not allow it."

"Un pasillito"

Valencia- Un pasillito

"I intend to involve the viewer with my work, even if as a third person and why not, reconnect them with their roots, with their old times, with their ancestors and their dreams. Likewise, I seek to pay homage to the land, the countryside and the farmer. Welcome to my world.”  
 - Carlos Alberto Valencia, 2018

"Despues de la descarga"

Valencia- Despues de la descarga

"¿Y...el futuro?"

Valencia- Y...el futuro

Con amor se hace mas suave"

Valencia- Con amor se hace mas suave

Memories of Land and Custom is brought to the Johnson County Community through the ongoing partnership between the Johnson County Park and Recreation District and the Colombian Cultural Association of Missouri and Kansas.

This serves as the United States solo debut for painter, Carlos Alberto Valencia, of Colombia, South America.