Place of Peace, 2019

April - July 2019

UPDATE Veteran Artists Reception

Place of Peace brings to light the veteran experience and benefits of the arts to veterans as they transition into a state of well-being and return to civilian-life. With specific acknowledgement of veterans, any person who has experienced trauma is unwillingly forced into a processing stage which often involves severe anxiety and depression. It is all too common that this leads to suicide.

Prevention is key. Finding a “Place of Peace”, be it a spiritual center, a garden, painting, theatre performance, or spending time with friends and family, is absolutely essential. 

Let this help you find yours. 

Featured artists are Zeke Crozier, Gary Walker, and Kirsten Tyynë.

"Untitled"- Kristen Tyyne

untitled Kirsten

- Zeke Crozier

Zeke Crozier Image 1

"Ready for Spring"- Gary Walker

Ready For Spring 2019


This exhibition is produced in partnership with the Arts Council of Johnson County. 

This exhibition is supported by ArtsKC and the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission.