Homeschool families have found an artistic home at the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center with fine programs for all school-aged children. We are thrilled to now offer performing arts programs for homeschool families as well! Find out more about our homeschool programs below.

Fine Arts Programs


Art Adventures
(ages 6-17, 3 levels)

We offer eleven week art classes where students will get the opportunity to learn art skills while exploring art history and art theory. There are three levels of the Art Adventures class to meet both the age group and skill level of every artist.

Find more details about Homeschool Art Adventures classes here.


Clay Creations 
(ages 6-12)

We offer four week art classes where students will get the opportunity to learn ceramics skills including hand building and potter's wheel. Students will also glaze their ceramics and learn about the firing process. There are two levels of the Clay Creations class to accommodate different age ranges.  

Find more details about Homeschool Clay Creations classes here.


We offer an eleven week making & engineering series where 
students will explore art, making, science, design and engineering 
while learning to make machines, electrical circuits, work with 
3D printers, laser cutters and more.  

Find more details about Homeschool Making & Engineering classes here.


Homeschool Seasonal 
Art Adventures 
(ages 6-12)

We offer four week seasonal art classes in Spring and Winter where students will create art with a seasonal theme. These mini art adventures will focus on technical art skills and materials exploration. 

Find more details about Homeschool Seasonal Art Adventures classes here.

Performing Arts Programs
youth dance

Dance Adventures 

(ages 8-18) 

Explore various dance styles, techniques, and choreography to enhance creativity, expression, and physical fitness. From ballet to hip-hop, students will learn fundamental skills, improve coordination, and experience the joy of dance. Gain confidence, explore different cultures, and unleash you passion for movement! 

Find more details about Homeschool Dance Adventures here 

intro to acting

Discover the art of acting! Explore techniques, character development, and stage presence. From classics to contemporary works, unleash your creativity and gain confidence on stage. Showcase your talent and ignite your passion for acting!

Find more details about our Homeschool Acting Adventures HERE!