Redlining Fieldtrips


A Raisin in the Sun and the Legacy of Redlining

This one-of-a-kind experience takes students through the topic of redlining and housing inequity through an examination of literature, theater, history, and fine art. Students will engage in inquiry-based lessons that promotes critical thinking, discussion, and a deeper understanding of our community.

This inter-disciplinary field trip kit brings the topic of redlining into your classroom in a customizable format that includes physical and digital materials, guides, and standards to align with your curriculum.

Grade level: Middle or High School

Length: 2-week rental

Cost: $20

The kit includes:

  • Printed student guides
  • Raisin in the Sun books
  • Filmed scenes from the play
  • Filmed tour of the Redlined exhibit
  • Primary Source packets & worksheets
  • Fine art supplies
  • Teacher guide

The kit includes supplies and digital resources for one class, or 25 students. For additional supplies, please contact us in advance to arrange. The kit must be picked up and dropped off at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center during regular business hours.

We are able to offer this experience at a low cost thanks to the generous funding of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area. 

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Redlining Artwork 2

In the Spring of 2021 Johnson County Museum, in partnership with the Fine and Performing Arts Department of Johnson County Parks and Recreation, engaged 250 high school juniors from Shawnee Mission North in a three-week virtual interdisciplinary fieldtrip experience. From March 15th- April 2nd, these juniors unpacked the themes of empathy and character development through the lens of the award-winning play A Raisin in the Sun. They learned about the history of Redlining and how it relates to Kansas City real estate, guided by museum historians. Lastly, the field trip culminated in the students synthesizing the topics that they had learned and responding to these topics by creating their own visual arts piece. 

Redlining Artwork 1
redlining artwork 4
Redlining Artwork 3
redlining artwork 7

The JCPRD Performing Arts Coordinator recruited four actors and teaching artists of color from the Kansas City theatre community and worked with them to film three scenes from the play. These scenes prompted a robust discussion among the classes. 

Week two the juniors got to work with Johnson County Museum historians, inspecting various Redlining maps and artifacts from Kansas City. Students got to make connections that the plot points from the play also happened in their own communities.   They left the students with the lofty question of “How do we undo Redlining?”

Students got to synthesize all the themes and topics learned thus far and respond with their own visual art piece. During this week students explored artwork from Kerry James Marshall and Jean Michel Basquiat.  Students were tasked with creating their own mixed media piece, responding to the themes and topics discussed thus far. What they created ended up being stunning, complex, and poignant.

Interested in booking an onsite or virtual interdisciplinary field trip?

Contact Performing Arts Coordinator, Elena Stephenson today! 913-826-3059