Mid-America Sports Complex Request For Proposal (RFP):
Get in the game!

MASC lighted fields

Mid-America Sports Complex is positioned to be the leading hardball destination in the region.  We are excited to partner with premier tournament organizers to host one-of-a-kind events throughout the year.

For more than 25 years the Johnson County Park and Recreation District (JCPRD) has served the public’s needs for various hardball sports at the Mid-America Sports Complex (MASC).  The complex has experience high volume of use over this time, leading JCPRD to commission a sports field study in 2017.  This study outlined costs associated with renovating the complex to meet and exceed today’s standards and provided estimates as to what potential future revenue could be expected after these improvements had taken place.  

In recognition of the tremendous need to update MASC to meet the needs of our community, as well as in acknowledgement of the economic driver the facility is and has the potential to be in the future, the JCPRD Board voted in 2019 in favor of a multi-phased capital improvement plan that called for in excess of 26 million dollars of improvements to the Mid-America Sports Complex.  General fund dollars are being used for improvements to the complex; however, as an enterprise funded operation, the complex is expected to operate without general fund support.  it is JCPRD’s goal to maximize and retain excess revenues created at Mid-America Sports Complex; these funds will be specifically earmarked and set aside for facility repairs and turf replacement in the future.

Mid-America Sports Complex (MASC) and Mid-America West Sports Complex (MAWSC) Improvement Investment Timeline

Year Cost Location(s) Improvement
2019 $4,000,000 MASC and MAWSC - Replacement of all fencing with 8' black vinyl coated fence
      - Replacement of all backstops with 40' netted backstops
      - Addition of new bleachers and shade structures
2021 $12,000,000 MASC - Complete renovation of 4 fields with artificial turf for quad one (fields 1-4)
      - Replacement of field lighting poles and fixtures with LED's and ball tracker lighting
      - Replacement of concession stand for quad one
      - Construction of FanZone concessions building and amenity area
      - Addition of hitting tunnels and turf warm-up area
      - Construction of playground and wiffle ball field
      - Redesign and addition of an entry plaza
      - numerous walkways and path replacements
2022 $9,000,000 MASC - Complete renovation of 4 fields with artificial turf for quad two (fields 5-8)
      - Replacement of concession stand for quad two
      - Construction of maintenance facility
2023-2027 $24,000,000 MASC and MAWSC - Complete renovation of fields 9 and 10 with artificial turf
      - Complete renovation of Royal and Fenway baseball fields with artificial turf
      - Replacement of concession stand at Royal and Fenway
      - Complete renovation of Mid-America West, including artificial turf, buildings replacement, LED lighting, new walkways and visitor amenities

All tournament groups desiring to conduct tournament play at MASC in 2022 will have the opportunity to submit a proposal for each tournament weekend in May, June, and July.  While revenue generated will be an important factor in deciding which organization receives each tournament date, other factors will also be considered


In 2022 MASC will be positioned to provide a high-level hardball experience for your users, tournament staff and sponsors, unlike any in the area.  Those awarded with tournament dates will receive access to the following for their event:



Today’s users expect fields to enhance play and let the game be decided between the players.  With no feature left untouched, players will be excited to compete on the best fields in the region.

Fields- Eight 300’ Shaw Sports Turf B1K turf systems fields surrounded by 8’ black vinyl coated fencing and 40’ backstops.  These fields are scientifically designed to mimic the play of natural infields and grass outfields.  No more tournament delays due to wet fields; as soon as inclement weather moves out of the area games will be ready to resume.  In addition, there are two 300’ aglime fields available for use.

Lighting- New LED lighting with ball tracker technology has been installed throughout the complex.  This lighting exceeds today’s standards and will enhance game play in the evening “under the lights.”

Turf warm up area- A large warm up area will give teams in between games a dedicated space to get ready for their game.  

Hitting tunnels- Ten hitting tunnels will be available for use by tournament participants.  This also can be used as a value-added feature or monetized by the tournament provider.


We’ve listened to past complex users and we know what they want the most.  A lot of the experience takes place off the field, and we want to make sure those users have a great experience and want to come back for more.

FanZone rendering


FanZone- A brand new feature for MASC, the FanZone is a unique experience unlike any other. Tournament attendees will be able to get a little bit away from the action and enjoy unique food and drink offerings during their visit. Parents will appreciate the proximity to the new playground, warm up area, batting tunnels, and Mini-America, a wiffle ball field that will remind users of the Little K at Kauffman stadium.

Concessions/Restrooms- Modern concessions and restrooms are conveniently located within each complex quad.  Users will appreciate the quality of the concession offerings and the contemporary restrooms designed for today’s users.

Shade Structures- Each quad is equipped with bleachers and shade structures to keep fans cooler on the hot summer days.  

Entry Gate rendering

FanZone 2


The day is finally here.  The day when the planning and hard work come together. It’s time to play ball!

Tournament Office- Located in the FanZone, your tournament will have a dedicated space for administration.  Tournament participants will know exactly where to go for all their needs.  Your tournament staff will have a conditioned space, Wi-Fi access, and a service counter to support your administrative needs.

Umpire Room- Also located in the FanZone, this room will be dedicated during tournaments to umpires’ comfort.  In between games, let your umpires come in and relax out of the heat.  Help them be ready to be at their best when they take the field.

Gate Area- The entrance to the complex possesses a weather resistant gate area for the comfort and efficiency of your gate staff.  No longer will you need to haul pop up shelters and work to make sure that the public is entering the complex properly.  This entrance is designed to naturally funnel the public by the built-in gate counter, increasing the efficiency for your gate staff and operations.

Vendor Pads- Does your tournament have vendors selling items or promoting products?  Directly inside the complex from the entrance, vendor pads will allow for 100% of all attendees to view their displays.  Type of vendors and setup must be approved in advance by JCPRD.

Sponsorships- MASC has numerous quality locations to represent your event sponsors.  Sponsorship materials must not conflict with JCPRD sponsorships or be posted in unapproved areas.  Questions about sponsorships?  Contact JCPRD Deputy Director Rhonda Pollard.


Located in beautiful Shawnee, Kansas, MASC is perfectly situated for Kansas City Metro area teams as well as those coming from out of town.

City of Shawnee- Before and after the game, we got you covered.  Shawnee has multiple quality restaurants and hotels, all within a 10-mile radius.

Trails and Parks- Want to stretch your legs?  Directly adjacent to MASC, hop on your bike or go for a walk on the Gary L. Haller Trail, a designated National Recreation Trail.  Just up the road from MASC is the award-winning Shawnee Mission Park, the largest park in the county and the most visited park in the state of Kansas.

Airport travel- Located just 30 minutes from Kansas City International Airport, MASC is easy to get to for all out of town visitors.  MASC’s location in the heart of the Midwest also provides accessible travel and many direct flights from the East and West Coasts.


Sometimes 10 fields are not enough.  JCPRD has multiple options for large events that require more options for play.

Royal and Fenway baseball fields- located directly adjacent to MASC, Royal and Fenway are two baseball fields named after their major league counterparts.  These fields are a great option for baseball players in older age groups.  The usage of Royal and Fenway for tournaments will be determined outside of the RFP process.

Mid-America West Sports Complex- Just across the street from MASC, Mid-America West is a fastpitch specific natural surface 12 field complex.  Eight fields are 200’, two are 170’, and two are 130’.  Slated to begin massive improvements in 2023, in recent years Mid-America West has received new 8’ vinyl coated fencing as well as bleachers and shade structures.  Mid-America West may be requested to be added for larger events during the RFP process.

Heritage Softball Complex- Located 20 miles to the south, this four-field, 285’ natural surface complex is the perfect location for your tournament overflow.  The usage of Heritage Softball Complex will be determined outside of the RFP process.


  • It is required for all submitters to answer all RFP questions accurately. 
  • Make sure to read each attachment for the RFP process entirely. 
  • Some additional costs may be incurred in addition to the accepted proposed price.  Refer to the rate sheet attachment for details. 
  • A valid Certificate of Insurance will be required meeting JCPRD’s specifications.  2022 specifications will be shared as they come available.
  • All tournament providers are encouraged to make proposals for all dates interested; however, it is not required to submit a proposal for each tournament date.
  • Each date will have a specific time frame that MASC will be available for game play. Additional dates/times immediately preceding the awarded date are potentially available and subject to approval by JCPRD during the RFP process.
  • For each individual date, there will be a minimum fee amount that must be met.
  • If there are no valid proposals for a given date, the allocation of the date will take place after the process is over. Submitting a valid proposal will be a tournament organizer’s best opportunity to secure a given date.
  • A qualified representative for the tournament provider must sign off and agree to all terms of the proposal.
  • Dates allocated outside of May, June, and July 2022 will take place outside of the RFP process.


  • Exclusive use of MASC for gameplay from 5 pm thru 10 pm Friday, 8 am thru 10 pm Saturday; 8 am thru 4 pm Sunday.  The successful organizer will be responsible for the full amount proposed, regardless if all the dates/times above are utilized.
  • Potential to add the Royal and Fenway baseball fields and/or Heritage Softball Complex to your tournament date at the 2022 JCPRD fee schedule.  
  • Eight (8) 300’ fully synthetic turf fields.
  • Two (2) 300’ aglime/natural grass fields.
  • Scoreboards and scoreboard controllers.
  • Convenient parking for attendees.
  • State of the art LED field lighting for evening, low light conditions.
  • Ten (10) pitching/hitting tunnels, that can be monetized by the successful organizer, or be used as a value-added feature for the tournament.
  • Large artificial turf warm up area.
  • Dedicated building space for conducting your tournament operations within the Fan Zone building.
  • Ability to charge and retain a gate fee from the public to attend the tournament.
  • Dedicated pads for your event vendors to set up by the entrance to the complex; some restrictions apply to types of vendors allowed and size of displays.
  • Subject to availability and pricing, your date(s) can potentially be extended to include more days.  For example, if available, the successful organizer could potentially add Friday 8 am to 5 pm and more weekdays to their contracted weekend.  This will be considered during the RFP process.
  • Mutually agreed upon set up time for the event.
  • Onsite supervisory and maintenance staff.
  • Concessions available to the public attending the tournament.
  • A listing of rules and expectations for those conducting, attending, and participating in the tournament.

JCPRD welcomes your proposals for select tournament dates at Mid-America Sports Complex, and look forward to working with you in the future.