Meadowbrook Park Pickleball

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MB Summer League 3


Play and practice with fellow pickleball players. 
Times and days are subject to change due to court availability.

Outdoor Pickleball Courts

7 am - 10 pm 

Eight courts with lights

Free to the public

No equipment provided

JCPRD Program Court Schedule 

The courts are reserved the following days and times due to JCPRD pickleball programs and leagues. Schedule is subject to change.

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Meadowbrook Park Pickleball Court Rotation Rules:

  • Waiting players place paddles in first available open slot.  The sliding marker indicates what group is up next, working left to right.
  • When a game is complete, the next players waiting will rotate onto the court.  
  • When players grab their paddles, they move the marker to the right indicating the next group up.
  • Once the marker has reached the end of the line, move it back to the far left.
  • If players wish to continue to play, they place their paddles at the end of the line.
  • Only one paddle may reserve the space per player.
  • Waiting players continue to move up the line as players come off the court.
  • Games are to be played to a score of 11.  If the courts and the paddle racks are full, reduce the game score to 9.
  • Games limited to 20 minutes, regardless of the score, when players are waiting.
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Check out our weekly lessons and workshops.

Beginner Pickleball 101 (18 & Older): 

Learn all things pickleball! This four-week course is great for new and beginning players. Each week will focus on a new topic covering all the basics like terminology, scoring, rules, serving, strategy and more. Bring your own paddle.

 4 - 1.5 hr. sessions - $52 / $55 nonresidents

33961      MBP          4/1          Mon           7 pm

33962      MBP          4/3          Wed           10 am              

33963      MBP          4/5          Fri              10 am

33964      MBP          4/29        Mon           7 pm

Pickleball: Intermediate Drilling (Ages 18+)

Dinks, drop shots, volley, and groundstrokes. Improve your game by learning and implementing fun and effective drills for daily practice. Bring your own paddle.

4 - 1.5 hr. sessions- $52 / $55 nonresidents

33958        MBP         4/2          Tue             7 pm

33960        MBP         4/30        Tue            7 pm

Pickleball: Workshops (Ages 18+)

NEW! Designed for beginner and intermediate players who want to take their pickleball game to the next level.  Basic knowledge and understanding of pickleball required. Equipment is not provided; space is limited.

1 - 1 hr. class - $15 / $16 nonresidents 

33965         MBP         Offensive & Defensive Dinking            4/2                Tues             5 pm

34156         MBP         Beating the Bangers                              4/8                Mon             5 pm

34157         MBP         Lobs & Defending Them                       4/15              Mon             5 pm

34158         MBP         3rd Shot Drop                                          4/23             Tues             6 pm

Pickleball: Three or Four and a Coach (Ages 18+)

NEW! Small group pickleball lessons are an excellent way for individuals of any skill level to learn and improve their pickleball skills. Lessons are open to all levels of players; whether you’re preparing for a tournament and need strategy instruction or have never played and want to learn with your family or close friends. Only one member of the group required to register. Bring your own paddle.

1 - 1 hr. session- $62 / $65 nonresidents  per group

34159           MBP         4/2          Tue              6 pm

34177           MBP         4/3          Wed            11:30 am

34178           MBP         4/5          Fri                9 am

34179           MBP         4/9          Tue              5 pm

34180           MBP         4/9          Tue              6 pm

34181           MBP         4/10        Wed            11:30 am

34182           MBP         4/12        Fri                9 am

34183           MBP         4/16        Tue              5 pm

34184           MBP         4/16        Tue              6 pm

34185           MBP         4/17         Wed            11:30 am

34186          MBP          4/19         Fri                9 am

34187           MBP         4/23         Tue              5 pm

34188           MBP         4/24         Wed            11:30 am

34189           MBP         4/26         Fri                9 am

34190           MBP         4/30         Tue              7 pm

Call: 913-826-2975 for additional pickleball questions.

Cancellation Policy: Within seven days of lesson/class, cancellations are nonrefundable.

Inclement Weather Line: 913-686-6030 (Meadowbrook: ext. 26, 50 Plus: ext. 10)

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Pickleball: Meadowbrook Park Outdoor Pickleball Spring League (Ages 18+)

Gender and mixed doubles convenience league for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.  Players will schedule their own matches during assigned weeks. Registration begins 2/26 at 8 am and ends on 3/22 at 5 pm. For questions, contact 913-826-2975.

 $38 per player, per division 

34169      MBP          4/1         Mon             7 am

Meadowbrook Park Pickleball Courts
                                                                                                       9101 Nall Avenue, Prairie Village, KS

Visit League webpage for more details. 

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Coming Fall of 2024!

  1. Paddle Battle
  2. Lucky Shots
  3. Pickleball Brawl
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Interested in playing with people in your age division?  
Discover all 50 Plus pickleball opportunities for drop-in, lessons, and tournaments at the 50 Plus 
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