Pickleball (18 and older)

Men and women holding pickleball paddles.

Funny name, addictive game! Pickleball is a fun and competitive sport that is a mash up of tennis, ping pong, wiffle ball, and badminton. The rules and style of the game are similar to tennis. The court is sized like badminton. The paddles used are somewhat like a ping pong paddle and the ball looks like a wiffle ball. It’s one of the fastest growing sports in America and has caught like wildfire across the KC Metro.  

Call 913-826-2975 for additional pickleball questions. 

Cancellation Policy: Within seven days of lesson/class, cancellations are nonrefundable.

Inclement Weather Line: 913-686-6030 (Meadowbrook: ext. 26, 50 Plus: ext. 10)

Updates to Meadowbrook Park Pickleball Courts

Beginning May 10, the pickleball courts at Meadowbrook Park will operate under a court rotation system.  Paddle stacking holder and court rotation instructions, also listed below, can be found on the west side of the court fence.  

Meadowbrook Park Pickleball Court Rotation rules beginning May 10:

  • Waiting players place paddles in first available open slot.  The sliding marker indicates what group is up next, working left to right.
  • When a game is complete, the next players waiting will rotate onto the court.  
  • When players grab their paddles, they move the marker to the right indicating the next group up.
  • Once the marker has reached the end of the line, move it back to the far left.
  • If players wish to continue to play, they place their paddles at the end of the line.
  • Only one paddle may reserve the space per player.
  • Waiting players continue to move up the line as players come off the court.
  • Games are to be played to a score of 11.  If the courts and the paddle racks are full, reduce the game score to 9.
  • Games limited to 20 minutes, regardless of the score, when players are waiting.
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Check out our weekly lessons and workshops.

Beginner Pickleball 101 (18 & Older): 
Learn all things pickleball! Class will cover terminology, rules, fundamentals, and more! Paddle not provided. 
Please call 913-826-2975 for additional questions.

4 - 1.5 hr. sessions - $52 / $55 nonresidents
26647             MBP                   5/4       Thu            8 am
26648             MBP                   5/4       Thu       9:30 am          
26650             MBP                   5/4       Thu            7 pm
26652             MBP                   6/8       Thu            8 am
26653             MBP                   6/8       Thu       9:30 am          
26654             MBP                   6/8       Thu            7 pm
26655             MBP                   7/13     Thu            8 am
26658             MBP                   7/13     Thu       9:30 am          
26661             MBP                   7/13     Thu            7 pm
26656             MBP                   8/10     Thu            8 am
26659             MBP                   8/10     Thu       9:30 am          
26662             MBP                   8/10     Thu            7 pm

Pickleball: Pickleball 102 (18 & Older):
NEW!  Have you taken pickleball 101 and ready for the next step? If yes, this class is for you. You will continue to work on all the basics of the game. While enhancing your game to the next level.
4 - 1.5 hr. session- $47 / $49 nonresidents

26787             MBP                   5/4       Thu        12 pm
26799             MBP                   6/8       Thu        12 pm
26800             MBP                   7/13     Thu        12 pm
26802             MBP                   8/10     Thu        12 pm 

Pickleball: Practice Play:
Start the day with a short lesson and progress into single tournament play. All individuals play each other each week with results recorded weekly. No class  May 12 due to tournament.
4 - 2 hr. session - $47 / $49 nonresidents

26803             MBP                  5/5       Fri         9:30am
26804             MBP                  6/9       Fri         9:30am
26805             MBP                  7/15     Fri         9:30am
26806             MBP                  8/11     Fri         9:30am

Pickleball: Intermediate Drilling (18 & Older):
Dinks, drop shots, volley and groundstrokes. Improve your game by learning and implementing fun and effective drills to daily practice. Bring your own paddle.

4 - 1.5 hr. sessions - $52 / $55 nonresidents

26636             MBP                   5/3       Wed         7 pm
26640             MBP                   5/5       Fri            8 am
26637             MBP                   6/7       Wed         7 pm
26642             MBP                   6/9       Fri            8 am
26638             MBP                   7/12     Wed         7 pm
26643             MBP                   7/14     Fri            8 am
26639             MBP                   8/9       Wed         7 pm
26644             MBP                   8/11     Fri            8 am

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Four women playing pickleball LEAGUES

Are you looking for some friendly competition while meeting new players? 

2023 Spring Convenience League

Meadowbrook Park Pickleball Courts
9101 Nall Avenue, Prairie Village, KS

Visit League webpage for more details. 

League begins 4/2 - registration closed!

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Click on the tabs for upcoming tournaments. 

  1. Lucky Shots
  2. Pickleball Brawl
  3. Paddle Battle

CANCELED - Lucky Shots
Spring Pickleball Tournament

Meadowbrook Park pickleball courts 
9101 Nall Ave., Prairie Village, KS

50+: Friday, May 12 

18+: Saturday, May 13 

Come join us for a day of outdoor pickleball fun!  Divisions available for gender and mixed doubles. All players must be 50 years of age by 12/31/23 for Friday. Space is limited and tournament is expected to fill quickly. Registration will not begin until 4/3 at noon - tournament deadline 5/3. $30 per player.

Tournament Information:  

Registration Fee: $30 - Fee includes individual registration for both gender and mixed doubles.
Competition Events: Men's, Women's, and Mixed Doubles
Ratings: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+
Tentative Schedule:  Gender in the morning, mixed in afternoon. Times TBD based on registrations. 
Rules: USA Pickleball - This is not a sanctioned event.
Age:   Must be 18 by 5/13/23 for 18+ or must be 50 years of age by 12/31/23
Format:  TBD based on registrations 
Pickleball: TBD  
Net: Permanent
Prize:  1st, 2nd, 3rd place medal 

Registration Information:

Registration Open: Monday, April 3 at 12 pm
Registration Closed:  Wednesday, May 3 at 5 pm (Payment due at this time)
Cancellation Deadline: Monday, May 8 at 5 pm (No refunds after this date)
Registration Form: Registration form will be available on Monday, April 3 at 12 pm. Both players will be required to fill out the online form and waiver.
Registration Policy:  Players registrations will NOT be considered complete until a member from JCPRD has contacted the player for confirmation and payment. We ask for players to be patient during the registration process and wait to hear from JCPRD. Players with completed registrations will be given top priority in tournaments. This means, if you submit your registration form with TBD for your partner or your partner does not submit their form, a team on the waitlist with a completed registration may take your position. 

Payment Information:

Phone: Complete payment over the phone by calling 913-826-2830. Charge payments accepted Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Please do not submit credit card payment information via mail, email or voicemail.

For tournament questions, please contact the Tournament Director, Jennifer Nixon, at [email protected] or at 913-826-2978.

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Play and practice with fellow pickleball players. 
Times and days are subject to change due to court availability.

Group of four men play doubles pickleball

Meadowbrook Park

Outdoor Pickleball Courts

7 am - 10 pm 

Eight courts with lights

Free to the public

No equipment provided

R Park Pickleball Courts

R Park

Outdoor Lined Tennis Courts

Available during park hours

Two courts without lights

Free to public

No equipment provided

Pickleball players on court at the Matt Ross Community Center

Matt Ross Community Center

Indoor Pickleball Courts

Monday - Friday

9 am - 1 pm 

Two courts available 

$3 drop-in fee per person, per day

Equipment and balls provided

Pickleball Players on two indoor pickleball courts at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center

Tomahawk Ridge Community Center

Indoor Pickleball Courts

Monday - Friday

9 am - 1 pm 

Two courts available 

$3 drop-in fee per person, per day

Equipment and balls provided

New Century Fieldhouse Pickleball Courts

New Century Fieldhouse

Indoor Pickleball Courts

Tuesday - Thursday *Competitive play on Wednesday

9 am - 1 pm 

Six courts available 

$4 drop-in fee per person, per day

Punch cards available

Equipment and balls provided


Interested in playing with people in your age division?  
Discover all 50 Plus pickleball opportunities for drop-in, lessons, and tournaments at the 50 Plus 
pickleball webpage