Stoneridge Master Plan

The Stoneridge property, located south of 127th Street and west of Lakeshore Drive in western Johnson County, was purchased by JCPRD in late 2018. This 75-acre property is surrounded by the 957-acre Cedar Niles Park on all sides. Stoneridge shares many of the natural characteristics as Cedar Niles Park including streams, dramatic topography, mixed woodlands and diverse plant life.

Before acquiring the property, Stoneridge was a single-family residential estate with functional equestrian facilities, situated on a distinctive piece of land ripe with opportunity. After owning the property for about one year, JCPRD initiated the park master planning process and looked to a design team of Landworks Studio and Finkle + Williams Architecture to develop a comprehensive vision and implementation strategy to provide another high-quality park space and recreational amenity for the residents of Johnson County.

The final master plan was presented to the JCPRD Board of Park and Recreation Commissions on December 16, 2020.  The full presentation can be viewed here

Master Plan Highlights

  • Improved park entrance, roads and parking
  • Lawn pavilion with open lawn area
  • Plains pavilion
  • Prairie overlook
  • River valley overlook
  • Nature playgrounds
  • Glamping
  • Paved trails and single track hiking/biking trails connecting to the greater Cedar Niles Park trail system