Thousands of kids around the world participate in triathlon each year. Youth participation represents one the fastest growing areas of the sport today. The "Youth" age division is comprised of athletes under the age of 16, with racing age determined on December 31st of the competition year. 

Our focus in this program is to have FUN and grow the sport of Triathlon in our community. In addition to having fun, we’ll focus on learning proper skills and healthy exercise habits that will last a lifetime. 

Why should my child try the sport of triathlon

It’s a FUN way to try three sports at the same time

The most important, and probably the most straightforward reason your kid should try the sport of triathlon, is that it will get them active.  With three sports in one, training for a triathlon never gets boring. If they don’t feel like running one day, they can easily bike, swim, or perform endless exercises that work the muscles needed to swim, bike, and run. Sport specialization continues to be a hot topic with some experts arguing that too much focus on one sport can cause overuse injuries, burnout, or decrease overall athletic ability, according to the SportsBusiness Journal. The sport of triathlon wards off some of these issues, as it allows athletes to participate in 3 sports at the same time. Most children will age out of sports at some age. But triathlon is a sport for all ages. Events are open to all and it’s not uncommon to see adults well into their 80s at the finish line of triathlons. 

Grow physically AND mentally

Perseverance is a key word in the sport of triathlon. Triathletes will face various obstacles that will challenge them both mentally and physically but in general, triathletes are known for never giving up. Triathlon is a sport that constantly challenges the participant, and there’s always a new goal to set.  In addition to the physical activity that triathletes complete, they’ll also be faced with developing key motor skills in order to improve their performance. 

The FAMILY that comes along with the sport is unmatched

Triathletes are some of the nicest, most supportive, most inclusive athletes out there. Whether they cross the finish line first or last, they’ll have fans and friends cheering loudly for them! This community is known for welcoming new triathletes with open arms and cheering for complete strangers along the course. The triathlon community support system is second to none. 

Ready Set Lets TRI

The JCPRD Kids TRI My Way virtual training program is an opportunity for your child to get into the sport of triathlon or to continue their progress within the sport. While focusing on the three different aspects of the sport is important, we understand the limitations kids might have to swim training facilities, hence the “TRI My Way” name. With this concept, we want to encourage kids to practice all three sports but if swimming access is not available, there is the opportunity to substitute it with another event. That’s where the FUN comes in. Your child gets to select the event of their choosing: swimming, jumping jacks, cartwheels, skateboarding … the options are limitless. If an activity other than swimming is selected, instead of completing an exact distance (like we do in a triathlon), your child will complete that activity for a set amount of time. For example, if Luke selects jumping rope, Luke would jump rope for 10 minutes during his actual virtual triathlon. 

Goals for each child will vary depending on their ability. The main goal of this program is to keep kids active and training so that when our in-person event rolls around in late August, your child is prepared to take on the challenge! 

What comes with the program
Swim Bike Run 1
  • An 8-week ability-based training program designed to keep your child active and prepare them for the sport of triathlon. 
    • Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced programs
  • A variety of additional activities to further your child's knowledge of their training.
  • They get to create and complete their own virtual triathlon during the 8th week of the program where they'll receive their finisher medal and event t-shirt.