Digital Exhibits

Explore Johnson County history from your computer or mobile device.

Johnson County has a rich history of multiculturalism and fighting for human rights. Take a look into the past to discover where Johnson County, Kansas has been and together we can dream of where we're headed. In these digital exhibits, the Johnson County Museum uncovers the stories of women standing tall for their rights to vote, get to know the history of Latinos in the heart of America, and meet the Webb family as we look at the history of African-Americans in the sunflower state.

Latinos Spotlight

Latinos in the Heartland | Latinos en el Corazón de los Estados Unidos 

Today, the Latino community is Johnson County’s fastest growing population. Learn more about the history of Latinos in the region in the exhibit, “Latinos in the Heartland | Latinos en el Corazón de los Estados Unidos.”


Hidden Stories: The Webb Family 

The Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v Board of Education desegregated schools across the country in 1954. But did you know that a Kansas Supreme Court case did the same in Johnson County, five years earlier? In 1948, the Webb Family sued to have their children attend a brand new school built in the South Park school district with taxpayer bonds but limited to attendance by white children.


Webb Family Spotlight

Women and the Vote Spotlight

Women and the Vote 

The Women and the Vote digital exhibit will explore the history of women and elections, voting, and elected positions in Johnson County, Kansas, and the nation. By highlighting over 170 years of women’s history in Kansas, the exhibit shows us where we have been. By exploring the role of women in elected position today, it informs us of the work left to be done.